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Cyborg (2020)

Every year, DC Comics and Marvel create spectacular battles for the audience, spoiling us with high-class movies. Victor Stone (Cyborg) is DC character, and if you remember, the first acquaintance with him took place in the Justice League (this, incidentally, will be the spin-off to that particular story) and in Batman v Superman. A separate film will be dedicated to him.

In general, Cyborg is a highly replicated personality in modern culture. In addition to the films listed above, there are more than a dozen cartoons, including series. The attentive viewer could see him in “Smallville.” However, there the legend of Victor Stone was somewhat different from the original and he was even called differently. He was also a playable character in video games, as well as in several game projects in the LEGO style.If you want to know when does Cyborg come out, then look through the topic below.


The picture is in the plans of the studio for 2020. George Perez and Marv Wolfman took it upon themselves to write the script for this movie. This project seems to have been specifically decided to create for numerous fans of fantastic action movies. High quality and carefully created special effects, along with a dynamic script, will pleasantly complement the entire plot built around the main character. The key character of this enchanting movie will be the familiar comic book hero – Cyborg, who will finally leave the painted world and appear on the big screen.

Unfortunately, there is no information about who exactly will be the director of the movie.  

When is Cyborg 2020 coming to theaters?

You will know it soon.


The action of the promising new film Cyborg 2020 is happening in the future, and its reality is completely different from the modern world. The surrounding society seemed to be turned upside down, anarchy and lawlessness reigns everywhere. The earth, overtaken by a terrible catastrophe, almost perishes.

In this chaos of madness and despair, only cyborgs can remain, only they have the opportunity to save humanity from extinction, and engage in the revival of the human race. People have only one hope – Cyborg. This savior is Victor Stone, the son of exceptional scientists, who was badly crippled during unsuccessful experiments. Wishing to save him from imminent death, his parents were driven to a desperate act – put implants in his body. They significantly changed the face of Victor and gave him power and extraordinary strength.

Now fully feeling what opportunities he possesses, Cyborg, without hesitation, rushed to save humanity, fearlessly smashing to pieces the criminals. He does not need world fame or meaningless worship of his heroic deeds; he just appreciates and loves the human race, and will not allow its extinction.


The movie Cyborg trailer is not available now.


Ray Fisher will definitely perform the role of Victor Stone. It will be the first film for him in which he will play the main character. Ray is a theater and film actor, widely known for his stage role of Muhammad Ali in Will Power’s play “Fetch Clay, Make Man.”

Release date

Cyborg 2020 movie release date is planned for April 3, 2020, in the United States.

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Masters of the Universe (2021)

“Masters of the Universe” refers to the type of long-awaited films that regularly has many rumors going around about them but they never saw the light of day. So far, there is little information about the shooting. At the moment there is only an announcing poster of the movie, which confirms the designated release date of the picture. The poster is very simple: it shows a silver shimmering logo with the inscription: “The power returns March 2021”. If you want to know more and when does Masters of the Universe come out, then look through the article below.


Initially, the project was to be directed by David S. Goyer but after he left that position (he stayed in the project as a screenwriter), the shooting process was stopped, because of what the premiere was postponed from 2019 to 2021. New directors are Aaron and Adam Nee. Of these two, you may be familiar with Adam, who starred in such project as “Sex and the City.”

The movie is directed by Aaron and Adam Nee.

Jason Blumenthal is a producer.

Laurent Ben-Mimoun is a concept illustrator.

Federico D’Alessandro is a Lead Storyboard Artist.

Phillip Boutte Jr. is an assistant costume designer.

When is Masters of the Universe 2020 coming to theaters?

France3 March 2021
Turkey5 March 2021
USA5 March 2021
Argentina11 March 2021


The most powerful man in the universe is not afraid to go against the evil Skeletor to protect his home planet. Prince Adam, the son of the queen and king of Eternia, lives the carefree life of the young heir to the throne. However, he has a secret that the guy hides from everyone except his true friends. At the right moment, thanks to the power of the gray skull, the alter ego of the prince awakens. And he becomes invincible and fearless He-Man, one of the most powerful warriors in the galaxy. Armed with a magic sword and enlisting the support of his comrades, He-Man reflects the attacks of villains on his native land of Eternia.

However, the evil sorcerer Skeletor continues to annoy the prince. The dark magician and his evil warriors are raiding the magical land of Eternia and are seeking to seize power in the entire galaxy. Only a brave hero with his friends will be able to stand up for the planet and win. Space villain Skeletor considered the conquest of Adam’s fiefdom as the main task on the way to conquer the world but could not cope with a small group of freedom fighters. The rebels are led by the legendary He-Man who with the help of a magic sword gains the power of a superman.


The movie Masters of the Universe trailer is not available now.

Interesting Facts

  • The actor who plays He-Man in the original film, Dolph Lundgren, wanted Chris Hemsworth to play He-Man, but Hemsworth refused the role because of its similarity to the role of Thor;
  • The rights to the film were transferred from Warner Bros. to Sony.


Noah Centineo as He-Man

Release date

“Masters of the Universe” was planned to be released on December 19, 2019. However, the company postponed Masters of the Universe 2021 movie release date to March 5, 2021, in the United States.

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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

It is the sequel to the science fiction film “Wonder Woman,” directed by Patty Jenkins. If you want to know when does Wonder Woman 1984 come out, then look through the article below.

When is Wonder Woman 1984 2020 coming to theaters?

France3 June 2020
Indonesia3 June 2020
Iceland3 June 2020
Argentina4 June 2020
Australia4 June 2020
Brazil4 June 2020
Georgia4 June 2020
Hong Kong4 June 2020
Italy4 June 2020
Netherlands4 June 2020
Portugal4 June 2020
Russia4 June 2020
Slovakia4 June 2020
Bulgaria5 June 2020
UK5 June 2020
Turkey5 June 2020
USA5 June 2020
Germany11 June 2020


Wonder Woman 2 is a film about the hero with the strength and endurance of which no one can compare, even the most courageous man. She is named Diana. She is a real Amazon – militant and independent, able to protect not only herself but also other people. As described in the first part of the film, she can even influence the course of world war. Recall that the story of the wonder woman began with the fact that Diana, who lived on her remote and secluded island, once found out that real horrors are happening outside of her territory because there is a fierce war.

It’s time to save humanity

A man who washed ashore brought news from the “mainland.” When he was found, he told that he himself had taken part in the hostilities and how many people were killed in the battles. Diana decided that soldiers are not going to be able to deal with the enemy without her power, and in general, she wanted to end the war. The wonder woman had to leave her native island, but it was worth it because the fate of all humankind depended on it. At least that is what she thought.

Having taken part in the First World War, Diana realized that she could be useful in such battles for people, because when she learned that another “hot spot” appeared on the planet, she immediately rushed there, hoping to resolve the situation on her own. There she is waiting for a meeting with Soviet troops because the action takes place in the mid-80s of the last century, and this is the period of another serious international military conflict.


The movie Wonder Woman 1984 trailer is not available. It will be released a little later.


Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

Robin Wright as Antiope

Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva / Cheetah

An attentive reader might have noticed in the cast the actor Chris Pine, who plays the role of Steve Trevor. How Steve will be transferred to the plot of the film “Wonder Woman 2,” if he died in the first part of the film, the events of which occurred during the First World War, has not yet been reported.

Released date

Some time ago, Warner Bros. Studios announced the release date of the film is scheduled for November 1, 2019. In addition, the full name of the sequel was announced – “Wonder Woman 1984.”

Now the studio reports that Wonder Woman 1984 2020 movie release date was postponed to June 5, 2020, in the United States.

The reason for postponing the release date of the film “Wonder Woman 2” is very common – money. Initially, the premiere was planned for the autumn, but after the first part of the film collected more than 800 million dollars in the world box office, it was decided to change the release date of the picture. There is such a concept in the cinema – “summer blockbuster.”  In summer, these movies gross about 30% more. The amount is substantial…

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Scooby-Doo (2020)

The kids and many adults are all waiting for the upcoming animation movies because here they can find the most amazing stories with exciting adventures, funny jokes, and tricks of the main characters.

New cartoons of 2020 will surely please both small and big audience. Among new animated cartoons will be the adventure comedy picture “Scooby-Doo,” which promises us amazing adventures with the participation of the main characters. If you want to know when does Scooby-Doo come out, then look through the article below.

Another film about a funny and tireless dog named Scooby-Doo promises to please fans of the famous Disney franchise! This animal not only knows how to bark at random passersby and protect the master’s house from uninvited visitors but also expertly uncover the loudest crimes! Who would have thought that such a smart and attentive detective dog lives in a small provincial town, noticing even the slightest discrepancies in the behavior of the suspects?


This full-length picture will be a logical continuation of the animated series and cartoons about the funny Scooby-Doo and the adventurous life of his friends. Tony Cervone is down to direct the movie. The Kelly Fremon Craig, who was remembered by the audience as the screenwriter of the picture “The Edge of Seventeen,” as well as Matt Lieberman will write the script for the cartoon.

When is Scooby-Doo 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it very soon.

France13 May 2020
Indonesia13 May 2020
Netherlands13 May 2020
Argentina14 May 2020
Brazil14 May 2020
Germany14 May 2020
Hong Kong14 May 2020
Hungary14 May 2020
Italy14 May 2020
Russia14 May 2020
Singapore14 May 2020
Slovakia14 May 2020
Ukraine14 May 2020
Bulgaria15 May 2020
Canada15 May 2020
UK15 May 2020
Iceland15 May 2020
Lithuania15 May 2020
Poland15 May 2020
USA15 May 2020
U.S. Virgin Islands15 May 2020
Japan16 May 2020
Turkey29 May 2020
Denmark3 June 2020
Australia18 June 2020
Spain19 June 2020


Scooby-Doo is back! As it is known, Scooby-Doo is a fascinating story about a group of friends who also have a little cowardly dog ​​Scooby. The task of friends is the disclosure of all sorts of crimes; they are investigating and trying to get to the truth, to find the criminals.

Together with the brave Fred, the beautiful Daphne, the clever Velma, and the fearful Shaggy, Scoob again takes on the investigation of mysterious crimes. Despite the fact that twenty years have passed, the team of detectives has not lost their step! We are waiting for fascinating stories, new heroes, including the children of the main characters, and ingenious villains.

Another adventure is associated with a mysterious treasure map, which by the will of fate was in the hands of friends. It carries enormous wealth hidden deep underground to its owners. The team, without thinking for a long time, goes in search of gold without even imagining what they have to go through.

Scooby-doo boldly rushes in search of the treasure, which promises him tons of all kinds of goodies. However, terrible accidents await a group of gold miners. They will have to face a bloodthirsty and merciless adversary.


The movie Scooby-Doo trailer is not available now. It will be released a little later.  


Zac Efron voices Fred Jones

Amanda Seyfried voices Daphne Blake

Gina Rodriguez voices Velma Dinkley

Will Forte voices Shaggy Rogers

Frank Welker voices Scooby-Doo

Release date

Scooby-Doo 2020 movie release date is expected on 15 May 2019 in the United States. Both children and adults are already looking forward to it.

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Bad Boys for Life (2020)

We just wanted to call the article: “They’re back” …or “Bad Boys for Life.” However, Columbia Pictures together with Jerry Bruckheimer Films have already done something similar, giving the pre-production title “Bad Boys for Life.” And, then, we are again waiting for the extremely funny adventures of the two cops. It will be a dark comedy, where we will live with the heroes through all the action moments, see their relationship, and other main features of the franchise.

Recall that this is the third film since the first part was released in 1995. Eight years later, the second part about police officers of the anti-drug department in Miami was released. Therefore, at the beginning of 2020, the creators promise to release the 3rd part.

If you want to know when does Bad Boys for Life come out, then look through the article below.


Rumors about the filming continuation began in 2009. At the Conan O’Brien show, M. Lawrence said that there will be a continuation.

Michael Bay does not see the window in his schedule to take on the continuation of the Bad Boys. Now the promising and very talented directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah replace him. Chris Bremner together with Anthony Tambakis wrote the script for this movie.

It is worth noting that the return of these guys is a rather unexpected phenomenon because the previous film of the series was released 16 years ago.

In early February 2019, Will Smith published the first shots from the filming of the movie, and the other day already announced its completion. He told about the enchanting finish on his Instagram page.

When is Bad Boys for Life 2020 coming to theaters?

Argentina16 January 2020
Australia16 January 2020
Germany16 January 2020
Hong Kong16 January 2020
Croatia16 January 2020
Hungary16 January 2020
Portugal16 January 2020
Saudi Arabia16 January 2020
Slovakia16 January 2020
Bulgaria17 January 2020
Spain17 January 2020
Finland17 January 2020
UK17 January 2020
Iceland17 January 2020
Lithuania17 January 2020
Mexico17 January 2020
Romania17 January 2020
Taiwan17 January 2020
USA17 January 2020
Belgium22 January 2020
France22 January 2020
Italy23 January 2020
Netherlands23 January 2020
Russia23 January 2020
Singapore23 January 2020
Japan31 January 2020
Turkey31 January 2020


The film tells the continuation of the friendship story of two cops who constantly fall into incredible adventures. In the previous series, the viewer met two desperate guys who serve in the police. Their names are Mike and Marcus. In the previous episodes, they were forced to search for criminals who stole heroin directly from the vault of the police station, as well as criminals who organized the delivery of an unknown drug to Miami. Reckless cops will stop at nothing to save the ordinary civilians.

Marcus Burnett broke up with his partner, Mike, and went on a private investigation. Lowry is depressed because of the midlife crisis: he decides to settle down and finally start a family. However, The Albanian mercenary begins to hunt them…


The movie Bad Boys for Life trailer is not released yet.

Interesting facts

  • The shooting of the 3rd part started on January 14, 2019.
  • In 2004, a video game was created based on the movie.
  • Information on the continuation appeared in 2013.


  1. Smith as Lowrey
  2. Lawrence as Burnett
  3. Pantoliano as Captain Howard

Release date

Bad Boys for Life 2020 movie release date is planned for January 17, 2020, in the United States.

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The New Mutants (2020)

It is a fantastic film based on the eponymous comic book series, which tells about the students of Xavier’s school. If you want to know when does The New Mutants come out, then look through the topic below.


The film, which began shooting in March 2017, according to the director Josh Boone himself, will be deprived of villains and incredible costumes.

The main idea of producer Simon Kinberg was to implement a new movie about X-Men in the form of a trilogy, when each of the parts refers to the previous one.

Mike Mogis Nate Walcott are composers.

Peter Deming is a cinematographer.

Robb Sullivan is a film editor.

Molly Hughes is a production designer.

When is The New Mutants 2020 coming to theaters?

France1 April 2020
Indonesia1 April 2020
Brazil2 April 2020
Germany2 April 2020
Hungary2 April 2020
Israel2 April 2020
Portugal2 April 2020
Russia2 April 2020
Singapore2 April 2020
Canada3 April 2020
Iceland3 April 2020
Lithuania3 April 2020
Poland3 April 2020
Sweden3 April 2020
Turkey3 April 2020
USA3 April 2020
Vietnam3 April 2020
UK8 April 2020
Netherlands8 April 2020


New mutants is a film based on the same comic, telling about the students of a special school of Professor X. In the center of the plot is a group of teenagers, consisting of five people. On the outside, they look like the most ordinary young people, but in fact, they are mutants with unusual abilities. If guys were simple people, they would live in simple conditions, but they live in the laboratory. This is a secret place where they are closed from the outside world and other people. In such conditions, they can better know themselves, understand their abilities, and realize their destructive power. Of course, when someone has such abilities, they have to be used to save the world. However, young heroes will also have to save themselves.

The main antagonist in the picture will be the giant-sized Demon Bear, drawing power from the negative emotions of people and possessing tremendous force.

Mutants in action

These five guys represent the New Mutant team. So what kind of abilities do they have? For example, the girl who is called the Wolfsbane received such a name for her ability to transform into a real wolf, and the hero with the beautiful name Magik can travel in time and through space. The guy who is able to fly very quickly is known as the Cannonball. He is a very friendly and pleasant person. Mirage is the name of a girl who knows how to translate into reality the greatest and hidden fears of the people who surround her. And Sunspot has the ability to control the energy given to people by the Sun.

New Mentor

Dr. Cecilia Reyes will become for the characters a kind of teacher, mentor, who will show by her own example how they can manage their unusual abilities and use them. This woman has the ability to create a bio-field around her that can protect allies against anything or anyone. Young people will end up at Charles Xavier University, which specializes in educating and training mutants of all kinds. Here they will be able to better understand themselves, to learn something new about their abilities, to figure out how to manage them, and why they may even need them.



The movie The New Mutants trailer is now available. You can watch it on the Net.


  1. Heaton as Sam Guthrie
  2. Taylor-Joy as Magik
  3. Williams as Wolfsbane
  4. Braga as Dr. Cecilia Reyes

Release date

The New Mutants 2020 movie release date is scheduled for April 3, 2020, in the United States.

Thank you for watching!


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When does come out Despicable Me 3 movie 2017

Probably everyone remembers, if not exactly the cartoon “Despicable Me 3”, but definitely the minions, which play an important role in this funny picture. In 2017 we will see what will happen in 3 chapter of this wonderful story. Heroes will face new challenges and same time they will try to safe their family, which they have tried to create a long time. In general, the cartoon is going to be really exciting. And how can it be uninteresting if there are such wonderful characters? When does Despicable Me 3 come out and what will happen in next episode – we will find out now!

Have to wait:

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Cartoon “Despicable Me 3” 2017

Cast and performance of 1st cartoon were in good level. The first part of this cartoon came out in 2010. Its plot consisted of a story about a villain named Gru, who lives alone in a huge house and owns an army of minions. He is a misanthrope, so when it comes to the three girls from the orphanage and offer to buy the cookies he banishes them.

Despicable Me 3 movie
Next, the hero discovers that someone has managed to steal a pyramid of Egypt, and a real envy wakes up in him. He speaks with a great speech in front of his minions, who are always ready to listen to him. It turns out that the villain wants to steal the entire moon.
However, for this, he needs a special tool and a lot of money, which Grew, unfortunately, has no. First, he wants to take credit in a special bank account for the villains, but they refused him because he must first get a reducer – the instrument, without which he will not be able to steal the moon.
The second part of the cartoon “Despicable Me 3” has more fun. As it turns out, Gru stopped to be a villain and began his jelly business. The only bad thing that this business does not bring the desired income and daughters need money. And the life of the hero became rather boring. That’s why he agrees to help in the investigation, Anti-criminal league.

Grew acquainted with his new co-worker named Lucy. At first, character refers to her not very good, but then realizes that he begins to fall in love. In parallel with the development of the romantic line of the main character, eldest daughter Margot got relationships as well. The only thing that does not suit Grew, is that it was the chosen son of the villain Eduardo, named Antonio.
After completing missions, Grew and Lucy have to leave. But on the way to home, she realizes that she is in love with him, and returned to Gru. Just at this time, Gru is beginning to understand that the villain, for which they hunted, only faked his own death and actually hiding at a secret base and continues to build his cunning plan. Unfortunately, Lucy is captured, but, as a result, Grew unable to help her.

Despicable Me on the beach
Having overcome all difficulties and obstacles, the characters start dating, and, after some time, arrange a real wedding. Excellent completion of the second part of the cartoon! By the way, after the credits of this part of the movie, there are several minions who make a cartoon advertisement “Minions.”
As for the third part of the cartoon, its precise story is not yet known. Despicable Me 3 2017 movie release date is planned for the 2017 year. The creators told only that the plot of the movie will tell about the family Grew, Lucy, and girls who live in peace and have fun together with minions. Unfortunately, the appearance of a new villain prevents their calm and balanced life. Will the heroes win this difficult battle between goodness and evil, and keep their family safe? Movie Despicable Me 3 trailer must be same funny full of minions jokes.
It should also be noted that this cartoon will be the last in the history of Gru and his family. The author of the idea and the creator of all the parts of the movie Chris Meledandri reported this. He said that he planned to stay in a complete trilogy, and almost finished his work. However, perhaps the audience will still see a few cartoons of minions that have become popular with the public because of its sincerity and a little stupidity.

What to expect from the animated film “Despicable Me 3” in 2017

Naturally, from this cartoon should not expect the best. Minions will certainly be able to fill the motion picture funny moments and funny jokes without words.

what is next
Despite the fact that these yellow characters are not particularly, so smart, minions from the animated film “Despicable Me 3” somehow managed to get the love of the audience.
In addition, the main character Gru deserves special attention. It happened to him exactly what children need to learn – goodness defeat evil. More importantly, this fight took place inside the character, that is, much more difficult than the battle outside. That is why this cartoon is simply obliged to be in the lives of children because he really can change their outlook on life. When is Despicable Me 3 2017 coming to theaters? You will be able to see the 3rd chapter 28 July 2017

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When does come out Before I Fall movie 2017

Suppose, that you have done something very bad, but realized it too late, when nothing can be changed. Suppose you really have a chance to fix your actions, and you try to fix it again and again, but every time something does not work, and it leads you into despair.

Before I fall. What you gonna do, if you have just one day to change everything?

In this situation was Samantha Kingston, who was successful, and who did not know any serious problems. She had many friends, cool boyfriend, and bright future. After the fatal night, Sam wakes up in the morning and has no life or future at all. Friday, February 12, was supposed to be just another day in her life. But it happens that on that day she died. But something keeps Samantha among the living, and she is forced to live that day over and over again, painfully trying to understand how she can save her life, and revealing the true value of all that it is in danger of losing. A Girl started to hesitate about how correct, in reality, she was living.


Before I fall is based on the novel by American author Lauren Oliver. It was her debut novel, but it immediately becomes in 2010 one of the most popular book of the year. What about the plot? First of all, this book is targeted at teenagers 16-17 years. When does Before I Fall come out, we’ll reveal in this article.

The famous actress Zoey Deutch, who played in the «Vampire Academy», «Everybody Wants some», will be present in the adaptation of the famous book «Before I fall». She will have a difficult test to experience the same bad day many times. She’s caught in a mysterious time loop for a few days. And before the girl gets out of this fatal trap she will have to obtain and understand important life lesson.

Below, watch movie “Before I Fall” trailer.

Before I Fall is different from other films and is an interesting picture for young people. The screenwriter is Gina Prince-Bythewood. She is the main writer of Love & Basketball, Beyond the Lights.

Trailer of the movie from the first seconds captivates and compels to watch it until the end. Those who watched the movie Groundhog Day obviously will enjoy this picture. The main hero seems smart and kind, but like every young person, she has some mistakes that should be fixed. This movie teaches that we don’t know if we have tomorrow to fix everything. Every morning she wakes up and she’s trying to figure out what was wrong In her life. The first part of the movie is in strong contrast with the second part. Drama getting more serious with every minute of the movie.

girl friends

The meaning of the movie is that each person should live a full life with dignity, without any regrets, because nobody knows what will happen tomorrow or in the near future.


Before I Fall 2017 movie release date is planned for March 2017.

Since the film is intended for a young audience, the actors well chosen for this purpose. Charming main character Zoey Deutch shone earlier «Vampire Academy» project and «Everybody Wants some».

Elena Kampouris took part in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, TV series “American Odyssey”, Labor Day and even Gossip Girl.

Jennifer Beals is an amazing and beloved star of great series “The L word”. She will play in this movie the mother of Samantha (Zoey Deutch). Just her presence makes the movie so exciting and intriguing.

Logan Miller is famous with TV series “The Walking Dead”, Ultimate Spider-Man, movie Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.


When is Before I Fall coming to theaters? The date is already released – for USA 3 march 2017.

Main ideas

  • “A moment of death is full of sounds, heat, and light in it as much light rushes forward, arching higher and higher, and higher, and if the singing was a feeling that this rise is reminiscent of laughter, would they”
  • “Try not to judge. Do not forget that between you and me, no difference.”
  • “People live in hope. Even after the death of hope, the only thing that does not completely die.”
  • “Maybe you will live another day. Maybe even a thousand days, three thousand, or ten days so that they can swim, lie, to pass through his fingers as coins. So many days that you can spend in vain. But some of has no tomorrow.”
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When does come out American Made movie 2017

It is always interesting to watch the picture, which tells about the life of real people. And the biographical movie “Mena” or «American Made» is not the exception. When does American Made come out with famous Tom Cruise read in this article!

The plot of the movie “Mena” in 2017

This time viewers will plunge into the eighties of the twentieth century. This is a time when CIA solved every important crime in America. In addition, most importantly, that this organization was important to seek and expose the leaders of the criminal world. After all, if you catch them, then the whole criminal empire founded by these religious leaders, will collapse.

American Made movie

No exception was the case, the purpose of which was to expose one of the most dangerous in the history criminal groups. As always, its not so simple, therefore, CIA decided to use the proven way, to implement agents to the criminal environment.

This secret agent has to be a pilot Barry Seal, and the choice fell on him, not by chance. This man is familiar with the laws of the criminal world because earlier he also had a story related to the drugs. Now Barry will infiltrate to a South American drug cartel to obtain the necessary information to the CIA. Will he be able to deal with such a task, or he need to come back to prison?

It is not yet known. One thing is clear for sure – this is something that only Barry can help to catch these dangerous criminals.

It is worth noting that the obstacles for the pilot in achieving this goal will be another circumstance. Barry can not fully tell all the information because he also has enemies. What will make a man to survive and get a real life? Moreover, how turns the plot after the above circumstances? When is American Made coming to theaters? Not earlier than in the 2017 year.


The role of the protagonist in the film Barney Seal “Mena” went to actor Tom Cruise. This actor for his entire professional career became the owner of three prestigious in the world of cinema award “Golden Globe” for his roles in such movies as: ” Born on the Fourth of July,” “Jerry Maguire” and “Magnolia.”Despite the recognition of the masters of cinema, once Tom Cruise received the award “Golden Raspberry” as the most annoying character of the tabloids. In addition, this is not surprising, because many people are interested in his life. Tom tried himself also as a director and producer. According to the experience and extraordinary charisma, his fans can be sure that the role of Barney he can play perfectly. Together with Tom Cruise in the movie will be Jesse Plemons, who starred in such films as “Bridge of Spies” “Shrink”, also in series «Breaking bad”. Joined them Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson, who won the hearts of many women for his roles in the films “Anna Karenina”, “Harry Potter”.

American Made posters

Beautiful Jayma Mays joined the acting group. This American actress captivated the soul of viewers with series the “House MD” and “How I Met Your Mother.” To show her acting skills decided Lola Kirke. You can remember her thanks to such films: ” Another Happy Day ” and ” Gone Girl.” It is worth recalling that Lola in 2015 has been recognized as the best young actress from “Chopard” at the Cannes Film Festival. Caleb Landry Jones, who played in the film “The Social Network” and “X-Men: First Class”, will also play a role in this film. This is not a complete list of the cast because more than a hundred actors were involved in the creating process. But the participation of Tom Cruise guarantees the success of this film. American Made 2017 movie release date is planned for 6 January.

 Interesting facts

As already noted, the basis of this picture is the real story about the CIA’s former employee, which later was connected with the drug smuggling. As for the name of the film, it is, as always, is not accidental. Mena – is the name of the city, which is located in the state of Arkansas. That’s where the main character Barry had his own airport.

Yet another fact – it is a tragedy that happened during filming. So, to create a high-quality and incredible picture to the filming were invited professional pilots, who helped the actors to make scenes.  Alan David Purvyne and Colombian Carlos Berl died in the plane crush. Jimmy Lee Garland was taken to hospital with serious injuries. Tom Cruise at the time of the accident wasn’t on the plane. As a conclusion, there is so exciting scenario and the basis of the story, that fans cannot wait anymore when movie American Made trailer will come.

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When does come out The Space Between Us

If you have not heard about this movie, you have to know when does The Space Between Us come out and everything else right now. Not a remake, but unusual story being prepared for release in the cinemas. The story is based on a relationship of lovers, who are from different planets. How could this happen and how they are going to meet? He must experience the journey from Mars? So he opens the love in his heart, the joy of moments of life on Earth, as well as all that is associated with these problems.

The Story

Based on the movie The Space Between Us trailer of interplanetary events, we can find the beginning of the story, but not its end. And it all begins with the fact that an astronaut was pregnant. But this fact only managed to have started during a space mission. And it is very dangerous in weightless conditions, and it is not allowed to have a baby on board. But we shall see in the film not only the one reckless act. Let’s not get too far away – all in good time. After a long journey, a woman gives birth on the red planet (Mars). Unfortunately, she died due to medical complications. The Martian-born boy was forced to grow up to 16 years with the hope that his health will be able to allow his flight back home. After all, he can find his father in the new world, but does not know exactly who his father is.

The Space Between Us trailer

It is interesting to observe the extraordinary development of a very intelligent boy, as he was brought up by the 14 astronauts. Of course, the main character wanted to talk more with someone else, so he struck up a friendship with a girl, pretty and smart Tulsa. She lives in Colorado, and they saw each other only through digital technology. One day this changes when a chance to return to Earth materialized.

a guy and a girl in space

What does it mean to live in the world? How is it to live among a large number of people? The audience will be very curious to see his earthly life in a new way. How many extraordinary and beautiful is available on our planet! How simple but no less powerful places and experiences are here! Already adult Gardner Elliot is going to experience it for himself. All that he studied on Mars can occur and fill his life, although his health is not adjusted for the normal terrestrial gravity and atmospheric pressure of the third planet. All that he knows is life in special circumstances on the fourth planet, and he does not give up. So it will be a story about the courage to reveal secrets, one in which he was interested all his life.

Some Facts

The story is not based on the book, and it’s a big plus. We are used to comparing the book with adaptation, forgetting that there are originally different categories. In this case we see the original idea written at the beginning as a script. The director Peter Chelsom has created a common vision and the atmosphere. He knew how to depict the world that emerged from a solid idea. So we’ll see what happens to the first person to be born and grow up on Mars in secrecy. So there will not be many views and opinions on the story connected under one name of the movie.

young people look to the mountains

It is interesting that the film genre is not science fiction or metaphysics. The events described in the film may occur in the future. Of course, there are movie blooper or unrealistic impressive effects in any film. But more important is psychological theme of the affected – to find oneself by means of exploration of the world and one’s attitude toward it. The film will be more easily understood by modern teens. But Day which will get on The Space Between Us 2017 movie release date will be interesting to all other people.

You know, on our planet there are places where the landscape seems like it is Martian. There are such places in America: Nevada and Utah, New Mexico. The filming took place in these states.


There are Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson , Janet Montgomery gathered in cast. Incidentally Elon Musk was the inspiration for the next character: the role of Gary Oldman – the biological father of the boy born on Mars. When is The Space Between Us coming to theaters? At the beginning of February 2017. By then we can again hear about the new space program from Elon Musk.