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When does come out Dunkirk movie 2017

War is a very popular topic to discuss for people, for producers, writers, and singers. So many songs have been sung, so many films come out every year, which describes war, its difficulties, love, death, and life. Every family in the world felt the influence of war on their own. That is why even with the time passes people really love films, which are dedicated to the main events of wars. This year spectators are waiting for the primer from one of the best modern producers, so let’s speak about when does Dunkirk come out? This primer of 2017 promises to be a real success, so we will check it and hope that all expectations will become true.

Dunkirk movie

Have to wait:

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First of all, it is important to say that the producer of the film is Christopher Nolan, famous for dozens of worldwide known and popular films. Among his masterpieces, we can meet Interstellar, which impressed public so much and there were no similar films before; The Dark Knight, Inception, The Prestige, Batman Begins, etc. Practically everybody watched these films and was really impressed by the works of this author. All the films have a piece individuality, they are unique and not similar to other pictures. Nolan’s episodes make a spectator think of life, future, horizons of our minds. Every film surprises a person, he doesn’t know, what to expect this time. Those, who see Nolan’s name on the posters or hear it in advertisements, expect to see something extremely interesting and don’t miss the primers.


Movie Dunkirk: Trailer

So, what about the plot of the film, it concerns World War II. An operation called Dunkirk took place at that time. Near Dunkirk city, French, English, and Belgium troops were blocked by German soldiers. All in all, there were about 300 thousand people there. In order not to let them die, the government needed to make a plan, which was aimed to save people. And after all the operation turned a success.

How does it all happen? The film will tell the story in details. In the very beginning, soldiers were blocked by the sea, where the enemy caught them. Troops had now way out and had no time at all, so it was a real challenge to save them all. Another name for the operation was “Dynamo”. This operation was held in France in 1940. The film promises to be entertaining, exciting and realistic. So, spectators must highly evaluate this work.

Dunkirk 2017 movie release date

In the beginning of 2015, Nolan announced everybody that he will make a new film. The release date first has been unknown, only a bit later Warner Bros. Company assigned the primer date for July 19, 2017. Closer to the primer the release date change a bit and the film has been announced for July 19 in America. The film itself was shooting beginning from May of the previous year in the places, where the action really took place earlier. The film must be really qualitative, as all works of Nolan. It is an important part of hiss success and he works really hard on every separate project. For example, particularly in this film, Nolan pays much attention to the realism of the picture, that is why he uses special techniques to achieve this goal.


Christopher Nolan works with his  film crew – the music will be written by Hanz Zimmer, who has already worked with Nolan in his previous works; also Nolan will take part in writing the script and shooting video himself.

The cast of the film was chosen accurately and must be really good too. The main roles are given to:

  • Tom Hardy (famous for Everest, Mad Max, Legend, etc.)
  • Cillian Murphy ( The dark knight, Inception, Watchmen, etc.)
  • Mark Rylance (The BFG, bridge of Spies, The Gunman, etc.)
  • Kenneth Brana (Macbeth, Jack Ryan, Harry Potter, etc.)
  • Others

So, when is Dunkirk 2017 coming to the theaters? What will be the reaction of viewers and critics? Will the film have a success? We will have answers to all these questions when the primer will take place and people will have an opportunity to enjoy the picture. According to the previous experience, Christopher Nolan is able to please people with the good and qualitative movie, so this time we will also wait for a good piece of work and believe in the professionalism of this person.

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When does come out Captain Underpants movie 2017

Everybody in the world enjoys cartoons, not only children. Good and funny cartoons are popular among adults and producers create new and new childish stories for people on all continents, which have a success. Every year we can observe in average 1-2 good cartoons, which become popular and attract thousands of viewers to the screens. We will hope that this year will also present us one more good and entertaining cartoon – Captain Underpants. This is a new story, which is aimed to bring its spectators smiles, laugh and a lot of positive emotions. Read about this new cartoon in the following article and you will know, when does Captain Underpants come out.

Captain Underpants movie

A childish story about superhero

Plots for cartoons can be created easier than for adults because children’s world is a world of miracles and fairytales. It is easier for a child to believe in things, which do not really exist but look kind and bright. Children can believe in everything you tell them, unlike adults, who can criticize any unreal thing they see on the screen.

Have to wait:

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Movie Captain Underpants trailer will tell the main idea of the cartoon. The main hero, named, as you can guess, Captain Underpants, is a superhero. Firstly, he was unreal. The story takes place in a usual primary school, where pupils invented a superhero in their imagination and told each other stories about him. The smallest pupils loved those stories so much that started to believe in this superhero that he is real and helps people. But as time passes, stories about the hero become more and more, the school principal knows about this story and extremely didn’t like it and pupils’ keenness. He goes on the warpath and wants to destroy this myth. But it wasn’t there! The superhero doesn’t want to be dead and myth became a real story and a fairy-tale hero becomes real too!

At the end of the story, it becomes obvious that the superhero is the principle of the school! How did it turn out? Well, the story is really surprising – pupils studied hypnosis and found this business rather interesting and entertaining. One day they become bored and thought that they study it for nothing. That is why children wanted to something, which will somehow help their lives and make it easier. And a brilliant and funny idea comes to their heads – they hypnotized their principle and made him a superhero, which saves pupils’ lives!

Who is it all for

The cartoon is a comedy, which can make everybody laugh. With whom can you watch the picture?

  • With your child/children. They will obviously enjoy the movie and have a really good time with lots of positive emotions.
  • With family. It doesn’t matter, how old are you, your wife/husband, your children, and others. The cartoon will make everybody laugh and relax for a while.
  • With friends. The age, again, doesn’t matter at all. People of different ages visit cartoons in cinemas with pleasure and get plenty of good emotions!

The cartoon is invented and shot upon a series of books by Dav Pillkey. We do already know when is Captain Underpants 2017 coming to theaters. The date is announced for May 26, so we will wait not for so long, just for a couple of months.

Captain Underpants

The film crew has already worked on several other cartoons, which were a success the previous years: for example, Shark Tale, Madagascar, etc. These people really know a good judge about how to create a good qualitative cartoon, which public will like. That is why we will trust the creator and wait for the primer. We will hope that Captain Underpants 2017 movie release date will be not changed and we will have an opportunity to enjoy the cartoon soon without any changes.

The cast of the cartoon is rather interesting too. The main roles are given to :

  • Ed Helms, famous for his roles in Love the Coopers, The Hangover, etc.
  • Nick Kroll – Little Fockers, Get Him from the Greek.
  • Kevin Hart – The Secret Life of Pets, Think like a Man too, etc.
  • Kristen Schaal – Freak Show, Toy Story.
  • Thomas Middleditch – The Brass Teapot, The Wolf of Wall Street.
  • Others

So, the story is interesting, the plot is funny, the idea is entertaining, the cast and team crew are professional. The cartoon must have a success, so we will be waiting for 2017 to evaluate this work!

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When does come out Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie 2017

While James Bond movies are becoming more serious and realistic, a different process develops like a reflection in a mirror. The tradition of the funny spy movies not only did not die, but live, and live successfully. At the very least, a comedy “Kingsman: The Secret Service” was in no way less interesting than the next blockbuster about the 007. We are sure that no matter when does Kingsman: The Golden Circle come out, it’s going to be good.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie 2017

How it all started

Many years ago, the English aristocrats decided that the safest thing is to deal with the security themselves. And why not the security of the whole wide world? They have invested huge amounts of money in the creation of an independent top-secret intelligence “Kingsman”. Now every aristocrat becomes a super agent after the special training. Little does he need a license to kill; he barely needs any license at all. Because a real gentleman knows how to act in any situation. New time brings new challenges, and now “Kingsman” has to deal with the mysterious villains that threaten all humanity.

Have to wait:

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Reflection of the genre

The movie “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” trailer is yet to come out, but we can already tell that the main point — the characters — is going to stay the same: glorious and hilarious.

Thus, the two main characters — classic archetypes, doomed to both success with audiences and accusations in stereotyping. Both reactions are justified. Ordinary guy from the outskirts, who saves the world, is always attractive, as there are villains, seeking ways to subjugate the world. “Kingsman” is really a set of stamps of the cinematic spy genre. But these components together form a strong, dynamic, funny and intelligent film, that hasn’t been seen on the screen for a long time.


Matthew Vaughn openly names the sources of his inspiration, reinterpreting them with a bit of madness, which is necessary for high-quality parodies. That is why the boy’s mentor, a true gentleman with manners of Bond and love for the dry martini, Galahad (Colin Firth) can spontaneously arrange a “bloodbath” in an apparent sectarian church. For the same reason, pro-fascist statements about the need to cleanse the planet from genetic contamination are heard from the mouth of a black character with the habits and appearance of the rapper from the ghetto. Politically incorrect black humor of Matthew Vaughn is also very topical, which distinguishes it from the many parodies of spy movies. At the same time, “Kingsman” will appeal to fans of pure entertainment — all the action scenes are filmed at the highest level, and even Colin Firth looks unexpectedly convincing as does all the cast. In short, the film met the perfect balance of action and trash. Hopefully, he will continue in the future, because, in all probability, “Kingsman” will grow into a long-playing franchise, and the phrase “Oxfords not brogues” will become a cult one-liner akin to “mix, but do not stir.” Kingsman: The Golden Circle 2017 movie release date is on 16th of June.

Director’s view

What can we say: the first film begins with the Dire Straits song and ends with a Roxy Music. At the same time, despite all Vaughn’s irony, with borderline rudeness sometimes, good old England has still brought up – with some regrettable exceptions – the good guys. The world’s evil is personified in the figure of the Facebook-era — a new-wave billionaire, who wears a baseball cap and sneakers, eats a Big Mac off the silver tray while joyfully yelling after purchasing the real cylinder in London.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Of course, you should only watch this movie on the big screen with good sound, transmitting all the nuances of the English language. When the heroes begin to speak in different languages, each of whom is equally English, it does not even need to be translated. You just have to hear it. English here is presented in so many variations that it is possible to show the film in schools as a good example of dialects and accents. Anyway, this movie should be shown everywhere and to everybody. It is, of course, forgotten immediately after watching, but the mood is always good afterwards. As a gentleman, Harry would have said: “As in those old movies.”


While anticipating the next part of the franchise, the movie fans start to surf the web searching for the juicy details about the movie. Rumor has it that there will be another big Hollywood star involved in the movie. Matthew Vaughn invited Channing Tatum! We don’t know what kind of character will he play or even his mother agency because the story is known to be about the cooperation with an American Kingsman-like organization. When Kingsman: The Golden Circle 2017 is coming to theaters, nobody has any idea what to expect. But it’s undoubtedly going to be a great piece of cinema.

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When does come out Cars 3 movie 2017

We get used, that cartoon characters are usually animals or unusual creatures, but the creators of “Cars” went further. They decided to show the story of cars-life. And it was the right decision because of the car – it is a great passion of all the boys in the world. Therefore, a cartoon got immense popularity and has won the sympathy of film professionals and ordinary audience. After the release of the two pictures, the creators said that they are preparing cartoon “Cars 3”. When does Cars 3 come out and about what will be movie – read in our article.

Cars 3 movie 2017

The plot of the cartoon “Cars 3” 2017

In the first chapter, the audience had an opportunity to get acquainted with the ambitious racing car – Lightning McQueen. It was he who became the hero of the first two chapters, and they will remain in the third. For the first time, fans saw McQueen on the race track, where he fought in the championship for the Piston Cup. But he had no luck there because his tire blew, and he came to the finish line at the same time with two other participants. As result has been assigned another race among the three finalists.

Have to wait:

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But after that trouble happened with the McQueen. At the time, when he was transporting to a new place of competition, he fell from the car, which was delivering him. Therefore, McQueen had to catch up with his own trailer. According to the temper of this character, it is clear that on the way he broke the set of rules of the road.

Therefore, he was arrested in the town, located on Highway 66, Radiator Springs. Now the rider needs to fix the road, and only then he can go back to the competition. It turned out, this adventure has brought him only benefit. McQueen met a charming and kind people of this town, who eventually became his best friends.

Returning to the competition, he could definitely win, use the original tricks that he learned the residents of Radiator Springs. But at the last moment, one of the participants in the race had an accident and Lightning helped him so and lost. Despite this, all considered him a hero.

In the second part, Lightning McQueen is presented to the audience, as a four-time winner of the most prestigious award – the Big Piston Cup. Now he has to take part in the new competition and overcome many obstacles in order to stay alive.

But what will be the story of the cartoon “Cars 3” in 2017? As always, the audience will be able to see the car competitions. Among the participants will again be the favorite Lightning McQueen. He will want to win again, but can he do it? Will he have enough strength and agility to win again a very difficult race? Let us hope that this time he will be able to easily overcome all obstacles.

The information with regard to the third part of the story. All other details of the creators kept in secret. Although from time to time on the internet, there is information about some of the details of the plot. Thus, it became known that in the film there will be two major US highways – namely, 66 and 99. There are also rumors that the audience can get acquainted with new characters. Movie Cars 3 trailer seems to be dynamic and vivid. Don’t miss!

But who they are and whether positive or negative, is still unknown. Therefore, we are reserved by patience and look forward to the appearance of the cartoon on the screens. In the meantime, you can see the trailer for the animated film “Cars 3” 2017, and learn more about the new adventures of Lightning McQueen.

Cars 3


Lightning McQueen will have the voice of actor Owen Wilson. In the previous parts of the audience could hear the main character speaks his voice. By the way, for Owen, this cartoon is not the only experience of sound, in this role he has worked on such projects, “Mater and the Ghostlight,” “Free Birds ” and ” The Hero of Color City “. It is also known that the charismatic character Sheriff voice spoke again, Michael Wallis, who has voiced characters in such projects, “Tokyo Mater “, “Mater and the Ghostlight”. As you can see, real professionals working on this animated film who have extensive experience in the cinema. Therefore, you can be sure that this picture is very high quality and gives a lot of vivid impressions of all the spectators. When is Cars 3 2017 coming to theaters wasn’t certain. The creators of the cartoon were informed that the premiere will take place only in 2018 or even in 2019. But after a while, the following information was announced after the beginning of work on this project. Soon it became clear, that it will be 2017 year.

The creators of the cartoon “Cars 3”

Responsible for the production of the cartoon became the company, which works in the genre of computer animation – «Pixar Animation Studios». Recall that due to the company’s viewers were able to see these fascinating films as “Braveheart,” “Ratatouille,” “Monsters, Inc.” and many others, which immediately won the sympathy of the inhabitants of the vast number of countries. This American film company «Walt Disney Pictures» became the distributor of the painting.

Cars 3 2017 movie release date is scheduled for June 15, 2017.

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When does come out xXx: Return of Xander Cage movie 2017

Thrillers films have always been popular among the wide audience. They are usually full of extreme, actions, rides and shooting. Though such stories are usually not real and can’t take place in real life – that’s what people need and want. They always lively visit such premiers and like to excite their emotions, as usually, we don’t have many of them in reality. Also, the crew of actors is very important, as good play gives a half of success to the movie. Vin Diesel is one of the most popular and well-known actors, whom public enjoy so much and millions of women lose their minds when seeing him! This year there appears a new part, in which he will take part. Let’s speak about when does xXx: Return of Xander Cage come out and what it will be like.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage movie 2017

Previous series

The story of Xander goes back to 2002 when it all only began. Return of Xander Cage is the third story in a series of movies. The first story was called just xXx and the main hero there was Vin Diesel. After a couple of years in 2005 producers released the continuation of the film, called xXx: State of the Union. But this time the main role wasn’t given to Vin Diesel. And as the time passes, in so many years film crew decided to continue the series and announced the release of the next third part of the movie, called xXx: Return of Xander Cage, which promises to be not worse than its previous episodes. In this part, Vin Diesel returns and again will take the main role. We will hope that he will make his work perfectly as a usual and will amaze the viewers.

Movie xXx: Return of Xander Cage trailer will briefly show the viewer the main film’s idea. By the way, it’s time to move to the plot and speak about the script. The idea of the film is that there lives a guy, who doesn’t imagine his life without extreme. He lives for emotions, there is no a day without aggressive and sharp feelings. Everything, he does, he records to the camera and shows it all on the internet on a special web-site. But to feel and do it all sometimes he needs to break the law. Police find him one day and watch him. Finally, the main hero is caught by the police and they make a condition to him – either he gets a real prison term or he goes to Prague for a secret mission, which nobody can do. He has no choice and goes to the mission.

In the new episode, which will appear on the screens in 2017, the story continues with the bigger range. This time Xander returns after being expelled for a long time. He gets back to the modern world with its thousands of problems, tries to join this life again. He gets a new special task, which only strongest people are able to do – he needs to find and destroy the secret weapon. So, the main hero gathers the team of the best lovers of extreme and starts his mission. Everything must be done quickly because “bad” people are chasing the weapon too. As the time passes, they find out that government and other “big” people also take part in all this and it all turns into a game, which the future of the whole planet depends on. Certainly, the story doesn’t get along without love story of the main hero.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

 xXx: Return of Xander Cage 2017 movie release date and cast

The release date was planned for January 20, 2017, so it is not so long before we see the premier. The film is rather expected, because all films, where Vin Diesel takes part are doomed to success. Moreover, the film is very energetic, with full of special effects and action on the screen – all this must look impressive.

One of the main women roles is given to Nina Dobrev, who is well-known after Vampire’s Dairies. Also, the key actor here is Samuel L. Jackson . Certainly, everybody knows this experiences actor by such movies like Avengers, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, The Legend of Tarzan and so on. Among other actors, there are Toni Collette, Donnie Yen, Ruby Rose and others.

Now we know when is xXx: Return of Xander Cage 2017 coming to theaters. Just some time left before the premier and viewers will be able to see the prefects play of Vin Diesel again.

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When does come out The Lego Ninjago movie 2017

For those who really appreciate good stories and good work of creators team, we advise to not miss cartoon “Nindzyago”, which is planned for 2017. When does The Lego Ninjago come out we will learn from this article.

The Lego Ninjago movie 2017

The plot of the cartoon

This fascinating picture will show the audience the adventures of a few brave friends. Thus, the basis for the plot of the cartoon “Nindzyago” 2017 is the story of ordinary teenagers who are studying in school. Of course, it may seem that they are not so different from the others. But when night comes, these guys are already not so simple. Six friends are the real ninja who possesses extraordinary abilities. At night They defend their home and their beloved island Nindzyago. Will they have enough skill and strength to defeat evil? Moreover, how events will develop the cartoon? About this, fans will be able to find out very soon. Movie The Lego Ninjago trailer is available to watch.

Have to wait:

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The creators of the cartoon “Nindzyago”

The director of this ambitious project became a few talented persons.

The first one, Charlie Bean. He has worked as a director on such series as “Robotboy” and “Tron: Uprising”. In addition, Charlie is also a very popular writer who prescribed the scene for the projects “Freche Mädchen “, “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.”

Bob Logan, also joined the team, who is known for his work on the movies “Yard Sale”, “Repossessed ” and ” Meatballs 4 “. Bob is a successful screenwriter who prescribed scenario for ” Smokey Bites the Dust ” projects, ” Dennis the Menace,” “Ghostbusters” and ” The Love Boat.”

Paul Fisher also will work in the cartoon crew of “Nindzyago” 2017. Hilary Winston, Kevin Hageman, and Dan Hageman  are collaborating on a screenplay. Responsible for the installation was the Julie Rogers. She has worked on projects such as ” Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore,” ” Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas,” ” He’s Such a Girl”. The Lego Ninjago 2017 movie release date is already scheduled and we will light up this information further.



One of the characters in the movie “Nindzyago” will have a voice of the actor Justin Theroux, who played many  exciting roles. So, the audience can remember him from projects “The Legend of Lucy Keyes,” “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle ” and “The Sleepy Time Gal”. By the way, Justin also has sound experience. He gave his voice to one “Megamind” characters from the cartoon. Justin is also a talented producer, who worked on the project, “Iron Man 2”, “Tropic Thunder”, “Rock of Ages” and “Zoolander 2″. Fans of the movies will enjoy the voice of Dave Franco. This actor remembered for his roles in the movies”Warm Bodies”, “21 Jump Street”, “Charlie St. Cloud” and “Now You See Me”. He gave his voice also to the bright character of the animated film “Lego. Film”. Now Dave is working on a project “Zeroville” and “The Disaster Artist”.

The Lego Ninjago

Olivia Munn also decided to take part in the creation of the cartoon. This American actress has had time to please the audience with his work on the films “Deliver us from evil”, “Freeloaders” and “The Slammin Salmon”.

Famous Chinese actor Jackie Chan will join the project. In addition to prominent roles in the film “Karate Kid”, ” Little big soldier “, “Around the World in 80 Days” and “The Tuxedo”, he is also a talented producer, screenwriter, and director, who gave us a lot of bright pictures. By the way, Jackie Chan has also extensive experience in sound. So, he gave his voice to characters such projects as “Kung Fu Panda” and “The Monkey King”. And now he voiced the hero of the cartoon “The Nut Job 2 “.

Also, you will hear in cartoon Michael Pena, Zach Woods, Abbi Jacobson, Fred Armisen.

Release Date

Good news for all the fans who is looking forward to the premiere of the picture. When is The Lego Ninjago 2017 coming to theaters is certain. Thus, the release date of “Nindzyago” film is scheduled for September 21, 2017

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When does come out The Mummy movie 2017

Everybody is asking the question: when does The Mummy come out? Of all movie villains, mummies are among the most exotic: in contrast to the banal zombie it is an ancient evil that’s not so easy to write into the plot, so sinister figures in bandages appear on the screen not very often. However, they may already have a small exhibition.

Have to wait:

[ujicountdown id=”Release Date in:” expire=”2017/06/08 00:00″ hide=”true” url=”” subscr=”” recurring=”” rectype=”second” repeats=””]

When Hollywood runs out of ideas, studio bosses go back to the basics. They created a new look for the familiar story. Either they present it under the unambiguous slogan like “adaptation for the modern audiences”, because they think that people will be really interested. Well, watch once again how the “Mummy” story can turn out. Especially starring Tom Cruise.

The Mummy movie 2017

Back to basics

The first remarkable version of “The Mummy” was published back in 1932. Boris Karloff played the Egyptian priest Imhotep there. That film seems scary and creepy even nowadays. A year before the “Mummy”, the inimitable Boris Karloff played the monster in “Frankenstein”. Between these two projects in 1932 (just before “The Mummy”) another film starring Karloff was released on cinema screens — the “Scarface”. Frankly, it was a truly remarkable period in the career of the British actor.

A bit of history

From “The Mummy” in 1932 we will move to the sixty-odd years ahead — to the project with the same name, which was released in 1999. Directed by Stephen Sommers, starring Brendan Fraser as the main character. The picture was successful in the global box office, after which the producers have released another two sequels. And although the sequels were successful in terms of box office, the plot in both parts (especially the third one) was subjected to a harsh criticism. We can’t say that the first film hit the expectations in terms of the scenario, but in many ways, it was good and liked by the audience. The Mummy movie trailer was greeted by many fans.

And now, after 9 years since the release of “Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”, the new “Mummy” is expected to be presented. It was A.Kurtzman who wrote the script to the “Transformers”, “Star Trek” and the second part of “New Spider-Man”. The writer has repeatedly said that he wanted to try his hand as a director. His first feature-length project, “People like us” was a success, although not without flaws. Stuffed hand, Alex Kurtzman decided to take on the blockbuster once. One can only hope that he use his abilities properly and will not let the audience down. We will know this summer, because the Mummy 2017 movie release date is the 8 of June.

Newcomers and oldtimers in the project

Kurtzman is not specified as an official writer of the future project, but it seems that he will make a lot of amendments to the original text of John Spats. And this writer was behind the script of the “Prometheus” by Ridley Scott, which, however, is still criticized.

Producers think that Sofia Boutella who starred in the film “Kingsman: The Secret Service” is able to become a future star of the movie. Otherwise, why invite her at an early stage production? Certainly, not to make the news and create a buzz around the film. However, if that was the initial purpose, the hype was definitely created.

There is not much time left until 2017, so the crew will have to work quickly. The result of their work will be available sometime after the release when the first reviews for “The Mummy” will appear.

The Mummy movie

The new blood

Of course, nor movie from 1932, nor a picture of Stephen Sommers, published in 1999, or any forthcoming reel of film Alex Kurtzman have nothing in common except for the name and the story about the mummies. What will surprise us this time? Hardly, the “Mummy” of Alex Kurtzman will scare anyone. When is The Mummy 2017 coming to theaters, you ask? You will see it on the 8th of June. It will be pure entertainment movie with elements of fantasy and adventure.

Interestingly, the plot of the project is already there. Synopsis sounds like this: En Sabah Nur wanted to seize power of the planet and for this purpose, he resorted to sacrificing. Will Priest be the main character and if so, will it be Tom Cruise? While it is known neither one nor the other. Considering that Tom Cruise is experiencing a new wave of popularity, it can be assumed that he will play a role similar to the Brendan Fraser’s in “The Mummy” in 1999 directed by Stephen Sommers.

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When does come out Jumanji movie 2017

Many of «old school» stuff become really great and beloved. We all still remember the story of an unusual game called “Jumanji” that attracted the young heroes. It would seem that one movie should be enough because there were insanely professional cast, impeccable script and high quality and special effects. All this combines the first part. But for creators of “Jumanji” 2017 it’s not enough already, and for now, they are going to do something totally different and unique, but not less attractive. When Jumanji comes out – you can learn in this review. The movie budget in the 1995 year was 65 million dollars, and has collected in the world a very significant amount -. 262 700 000, which provided him with the tenth place among the highest-grossing films of the year.

Jumanji movie

Background of the picture “Jumanji”

The extraordinary story started in the 19th century when a few teenagers in the woods found a mysterious chest. A hundred years later the teenager Alan finds this treasure. As it turned out, inside the trunk was game “Jumanji” which the boy started to play with his girlfriend Sarah. The boy got carried away with a new game, but then Alan got himself in the game.

Have to wait:

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The original version was filmed on the basis of the book of the popular American author Chris Van Allsburg, which is also a talented artist. So, as the artist, he worked on illustrating some editions of “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

A renewed version of this movie will be the remake of 1995 movie. So, we can assume that the basis for the story “Jumanji” 2017 will put the old well-known story. But, according to the creators, a new picture will be rethought and made to meet modern needs. Also, the writers were planning to pay more attention to the original story, which was proposed in the book. Indeed, in the book version, there were no such heroes as Alan and Sarah. When the first movie had been released one of the companies created a board game, founded on the same mechanism as in a movie.

Jumanji movie 2017

The creators abandon the character of Alan because to play better after Robin Williams is no longer possible. But for sure we will know this after the release of the picture.

The new version, which the viewer sees in the movie “Jumanji” 2017 is not the only one. So, we must also remember the animated series of the same name of the series “Jumanji”, which appeared on the screens from 1996 to 1999. By the way, in 2005, a sequel called “Zathura: A Space Adventure” appeared. The basis was taken from the scenario of the novel, but it didn’t make the movie popular like the first one. Movie Jumanji trailer will come out soon and we will be able to compare these two movies.

Cast of the film “Jumanji”

Movie is created by a famous company Sony Pictures Entertainment. Jake Kasdan is the director and the son of a screenwriter of all your favorite “Star Wars.” But this is not his main advantage. Thus, the viewer already knows his works such as “Bad Teacher” with Cameron Diaz, “Californication” and “Home Video”. Despite the fact that these pictures have become popular among viewers, critics did not pay them enough attention. Therefore, many viewers have doubts as to whether Jake will be able to surpass or at least make a picture at the same level as the first. Jumanji 2017 movie release date was planned first for the 2016 year but then the premier was removed to 2017.

One of the main roles will be played by Dwayne Johnson, who is best known for his roles in the film “Fast and Furious” and “Hercules.” He has to work hard, because he needs to be at the level of the legendary Robin Williams to make the new picture even more successful.

Along with Dwayne Johnson in the new version his acting skills Tom Holland will be shown, who will play Peter Parker in the movie “Spider-Man: The Homecoming”, and thus, will be a new Spider-Man.

Jack Black will delight the audience with his acting ability, who is known for his work in the films “The Holiday,” “The school of Rock” and “King Kong.”

When is Jumanji 2017 coming to theaters? Not so long time left – 27 July 2017.


Not so many fans are waiting for a remake of “Jumanji”. The majority of fans of the old film, find it frankly a bad idea. A good writer involved in the filming, but the extremely controversial director, and leading actor of the original movie died recently, and many people believe the creation of a remake it’s a disrespect to the memory of Williams.

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When does come out CHiPs movie 2017

Comedies are extremely popular among viewers from all countries of the world and of any ages, from children to elderly people.  That is why theaters produce dozens of comedies every year, and some of them become really popular and beloved by the public, but others, on the contrary, do not interest people at all and don’t evoke pleasant feelings. That is why a person needs to choose a film carefully, which will be appropriate for watching with a company of friends or in a warm family evening. This year you will have an opportunity to meet such like film. Which is called CHiPs. It promises to be really funny, kind and pleasant. In the article we will observe, when does CHiPs come out and what is the main idea.

CHiPs movie


The main things you should know

So, as we have already known, this new film will be called CHiPs and is planned to be shown to the public by March 2017. Actually, several year decades ago there have been series of films on the TV, which had the same plot. Now the new producer, who, by the way, plays the main role in the film, shoots it and writes the scenario, tried to rewrite the plot, leave the idea and create one film instead of several series.

You can watch the movie CHiPs trailer and understand what the speech will be about in the film. The main heroes live in San Francisco and they are policemen, who work together and watch for the order on the streets of the city. As a usual, they get a call from the dispatcher about a crime in the city. They go out to save people and punish evil immediately. The situation is rather usual and thousands of policemen all over the world do the same work every day, which may be not only boring but rather dangerous. But in this situation it all becomes funny and comic because the partners are too different – they have different views, different traits of characters, different behavior. And all this leads to the most comic situations you can imagine.


The film is full of jokes and funny situations, which are quite real and look natural. They are not stupid and don’t have some strange implications, which can be unacceptable for kids, for example. Everything is kind, simple and usual. Every viewer will be able to find a lot of funny moments and appreciate the time, spent while watching the premier.


Actors and release dates

Don’t you know when is CHiPs coming to theaters? Don’t worry, the crew has already announced concrete release dates, which will be March 24, 2017. Not so much time is left till you will have an opportunity to enjoy a really good film and get plenty of positive emotions. The picture promises to be bright, active and will not let you look aside for a second. Well, who knows, where the truth is? We will wait for a couple of months and will be able to experience all these promises by ourselves.


The cast will also be really good, as many popular and great actors gathered in this film – Michael Pena, Jessica McNamee, Adam Brody, Ryan Hansen, Kristen Bell and others. All these actors are well-known for all of us from popular movies and cartoons. So, this time we will hope that they will be able to play their roles well and make the viewer get pleasure from the picture.

CHiPs 2017 movie release date is known, the shootings have already been stopped and the crew makes the last preparations for the premier. There is not so much time left, so it will be easy for us to live these several months waiting for the film to watch. And by the end of March 2017, we will see if the film meets expectations of viewers and if it will become popular.

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When does come out Logan movie 2017

New James Mangold comic tribute to the marvel cult series “Wolverine” is going to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. Everyone who wonders when does Logan come out can free their schedules for the March 2017.

Life of the mutant Logan, which lasted more than a century, is now coming to an end. In the final battle he has to defeat his old enemy that threatens to destroy not only him, but also the ones that he cares about. The years take their toll, but the beast who can sense his life is ending will fight even more fiercely.

Logan Poster

What was shown in a trailer

At the moment there is little to no detailed information about the third film which will complete the story of the mutant Logan — even despite the fact that the survey has been completed. It is reported that the main enemy of Wolverine will be Mr. Sinister (in some adaptations his name is translated as “Sinister”). “Logan” film trailer shows that there also will be X-23 in the film — a woman, created by cloning and having the same abilities as the actual Wolverine, — adamantium skeleton, retractable claws and fast regeneration.

It’s hard not to name the resulting clip atmospheric, largely due to the powerful soundtrack. The song is «Hurt» by the legendary Johnny Cash.

Fans’ predictions and hopes

Also recently, the network has been teased by the photo of Patrick Stewart in the role of much older Professor X. There are suggestions that the film “Logan” is based on the story arch of a comic book “The Old Man Logan”, but cannot be named that due to copyright reasons: the graphic novel by one of the protagonists is about Hawkeye, who cannot appear in the franchise “X-Men” as that character belongs to Marvel Avengers team.

Some people assume that in the third movie about Wolverine we may start to get ready for a confrontation with a group of supervillains known as the “Marauders”, where our clawed hero can meet an ol’ pal of his — Gambit, and is likely to meet the recent one — Deadpool. Either way the movie is not going to be another mindless shooter. We’re in for a treat.

Logan 2017 movie release date, which is on the 3rd of March, is the day that will bring joy to all the comic lovers all around the world.

Actual plot of the movie

The internet is discussing a freshly published concept photo for the superhero blockbuster “Logan” which shows Hugh Jackman in the form of the mutant Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Professor X who is no longer an all-powerful telepath and leader of the X-Men but a suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, feeble old man.

The action of the story takes place in the year 2024. Most of the mutants in the world are dead, the X-Men team ceased to exist whatsoever. The world has been changed — there is no room for such as Logan. Aged and crippled hero who long ago stopped calling himself Wolverine is living out his last days finding solace in the bottle and taking care of Charles Xavier, whose memory and power are getting worse and more unstable each day. Sam Logan is no longer the invincible warrior — his ability to quickly regenerate has extinguished, and old wounds bring unbearable pain.

Logan movie shots

But the fate is forcing Logan to release the claws again, when he meets his clone — a little girl named Laura Kinney, also known as X-23 (played by Daphne Keen), whom hunts the powerful corporation that turns the survivor mutants into the machines of death and planning to use them to plunge the world into chaos.

It is assumed that the main villain is the head of an ESSEX Corp., Nathaniel Essex (or Mister Sinister), played by Richard E. Grant, also involved in the creation of Laura. There will be Rivers cyborgs-gang, supervillains led by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook). Logan’s opponents will also include the members of the infamous Weapon X organization.

The script was written by Michael Green (“Blade Runner 2049”) and David James Kelly. The cast also includes Stephen Merchant (albino mutant Caliban), Eric La Salle, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Elise Neal.