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When does come out Transformers: The Last Knight movie 2017

They are together again to protect the Earth. The war is coming. Who will be stronger this time? Read the topic below.

“Transformers 5: The Last Knight” is a new American sci-fi film. This is the last part of the movie of Transformers series. The movie will be directed by M. Bay. And now the question begs: when does Transformer: the last knight come out? Let’s try to ask on this question and other questions regarding to film.

Transformers: The Last Knight movie

The creation

In spring 2015, one of the websites informed that Paramount Pictures is negotiating with the Oscar owner (best adapted screenplay for the movie) – A. Goldsman to convey new thoughts for the creation of last Transformers. The studio wants to make something epic what Cameron could not do in three parts of avatar and Disney is doing to renew the Star Wars. Paramount Pictures desires to make its personal perfect universe of Transformers like Marvel, Warner Bros and DC Universe. Director will be M. Bay, EP (executive producer) will be S. Spielberg and the producer will be L. Bonaventura.

Have to wait:

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In June 2015, the company announced that Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner will write the screenplay for the movie. On November, Goldsman left this project because of the employment in other projects and Paramount began to discuss the contract with the duet Arthur Marcum and Matt Holloueyem and Ken Nolan. In April, J. Sela was selected as the operator.

After release of the film “Transformers: The era of destruction” Michael chose not to filming a continuation. But in January 2016, giving an interview to Rolling Stone magazine Michael affirmed his returning as a director of the fifth movie of the Transformers. The total amount of filming the movie in Michigan will be $ 80 million. Transformer: the last knight pictures (images):

Transformers: The Last Knight

May 17, Michael on his Instagram page introduced the original title of the film which is called “Transformers: The Last Knight”. Also, the face of Optimus Prime was showed. The eyes of the Optimus are violet, not blue; as it was in previous parts and the face was mostly gray (blue and red colors are also present). May, 2016, the company announced that Megatron is coming back in the continuation.

The Industrial Light & Magic Company will do the visualization for the film as it was in previous parts of franchise.

The movie Transformer 5: the last knight trailer is coming up in the end of the December 2016.


On May 25, 2016, shooting began in Havana.

On June 2016, filming also began in three places: in Phoenix, in Detroit and London. Also, Chicago was the place where some shots were made. The filming in Detroit will be at the “Motown Motion Picture Studios”, at an abandoned factory “Packard Automotive Plant”, at “Central Station” in Michigan, at “D’Mongo” Bar and at Casino.


Plot and cast

The film “Transformers 5: The Last Knight” takes place after a major battle between robots and humans who had to fight shoulder to shoulder in order to survive. After the fighting Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) leaves the Earth leaving his loyal companions Autobots to protect earthlings. While Optimus is in the journey humanity is again in danger. Galvatron decides to build a space bridge endangering the lives of all people on Earth.

Bumblebee, Hound (voice of John Goodman), Drift (Ken Watanabe), Сrosshairs (John DiMaggio) and Dinobot are ready to confront Galvatron and fulfill the promise given to Optimus Prime. Besides, the Autobots and Decepticons the film will have the audience favorite characters Cade Yeager, played by actor Mark Wahlberg, and Colonel William Lennox by Josh Duhamel.

In addition Anthony Hopkins, Isabela Monera and dog nicknamed Freya took the participation in the filming of the picture “Transformers 5: The Last Knight”. Freya is the loneliest dog in the world. Throughout its life Freya lived in a shelter for homeless animals in the UK. No one wanted to take her to home because of epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disease. Michael Bay hearing this sad story decided to film the Freya in the fifth part. According to the director, Freya has a terrific acting talent. Besides, Michael said that he would do everything to find the dog owner.

Transformer: the last knight 2017 movie release date is on June 23, 2017, in 3D.

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When does come out Pirate of the caribbean: Dead men tell no tales movie 2017

Before the next part “Pirates”, entitled “The dead do not tell tales,” started, till to release is about a half a year, and at the same time, it seems the public is still not so informed about what to expect from the upcoming blockbuster. Disney studio representatives said, that the production started almost same time with the previous chapter, that came in 2011. The premiere was planned to hold in 2015, but the creative studio had to delay it for two years because there was not ready script and there were financial troubles.

Have to wait:

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Whatever it was, the main work on a project is at the finish line: the picture is already in post-production, and a well-known creative composition promises the viewer something incredible. Everyone is interested when Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales comes out. Probably, this is the most expected movie of 2017.

Pirate of the caribbean: Dead men tell no tales movie


The “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales” will become a fresh step for already fancied by audience chapter about dangerous life of a rogue and rum lover Captain Jack Sparrow. Jerry Bruckheimer in the meeting with Collider publication in summer of 2015 said, that the scenario of the movie is close to “real pirate movie”, and the scenario contains minimum of magic, maximum reality. Orlando Bloom claimed that the 5th part will be “soft reboot”.

Synopsis of a new part of “Pirates” appeared a half year ago, it became clear that magic is indispensable. In scenario exhausted his luck Jack Sparrow understood that he was hunted by his old revengeful enemy Salazar escorted by ghost corsairs. They had just got out of the prison in Devil’s Triangle, and desire to destroy all the survived enemies, including Jack Sparrow. Salazar tells a young man to find Jack Sparrow and tells him that death is coming for them. The young man is Henry Turner, the grown son of Will Turner. Why does he want to kill Jack so much? Because he is guilty in the imprisonment of Salazar. Jack searches a weapon that will help counter Salazar – Poseidon’s trident. For the lovers of upcoming chapter Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales, a trailer came up 2 November and it will jog your memory.


Because of Keira Knightley, leading lady as Elizabeth refused to shoot in the upcoming sequels, a place of true Sparrow satellites will take a new charming pair of young lovers Apparently. Keira Knightley said that “Pirates” took from her five years of life and it is time to move on, and she has long outgrown its hero. Now with the desperate pirate Henry and Karina will travel. Their role went to 27-year-old Australian Brenton Thwaites and 24-year-old British Kaya Rose Scodelario.  Karina and Jack’s relationships went wrong at first, but then they become real friends (he met her on the site of the proposed execution.).

Javier Bardem, the owner of “Oscar”, played in “Skyfall” was lucky to play the main villain Salazar (for this role at the beginning another Oscar-winning actor was claimed, specializing in the performance of roles of bad guys Christoph Waltz, however, then the Austrian refused to participate in the project). Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 movie release date is on May 26, 2017.

Creative group

At the same time, two director manage the process. Joachim Ronning with Espen Sandberg, a magnificent Norwegian duo are famous with their travel movies. They are authors of exciting adventure picture about sea travel “Kon-Tiki”. Initially, for director candidates Fredrik Bond, Chris Weitz, Shawn Levy were also considered.

Pirate of the caribbean: Dead men tell no tales

Jeff Nathanson created the scenario, he is famous with movies as “Terminal”, “Catch Me If You Can.”

Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales pictures and trailers will not disappoint all who is waiting for the worth sequel of this dynamic and adventure movie.


Filming was happening in Territory of Australia Queensland: a start took place on February 17, 2015. Village Roadshow Studios have been approved as places for the creation of natural scenes. It is reported that the fifth “Pirates” is the most expensive movie in all history of cinematography ever made in Australia.

Scenes involving historic ships have been removed before the giant outer chromakey in Helensvale.

Initially, all the scenes in which the action take place on a ship, it was planned to make on location in the open sea, but because of the frequent cases of seasickness among the participants of the team, it was decided to reject this idea. March 10, 2015, Johnny Depp injured his hand (though his injury was not related to work in the role) and went for to the United States. Due to the absence of the main star filming process was idle for 2 weeks. Three months later, Scodelario received minor injuries during the execution of complex tricks, but it insured stunt.

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When does come out The Nut Job 2 movie 2017

It is very interesting animation film the Nut Job 2, produced by American film – makers, especially for children. The joyfulness and silly jokes on the screen bring both adults and children to tears from laughing. It is fun for parents to relax watching movie with their children. Our children need our attention and love. Modern society is completely different then it was twenty years ago, we have got to follow progress in order to understand the interest of new generations and we are understandable by them and sometimes it is good for us not to be too proud to become like little children and watch some animated stories as our film.

Have to wait:

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If you be so kind and to read our article through you will find out when The Nut Job 2 comes out.

The Nut Job 2 movie 2017

When is the film on the screen?

Well, let us speak of film a little bit. It is released in 2013, a couple of years ago, but many people has watched the film and liked it. This animation film attracts by new fascinated and wise story. And Surly squirrel and rat Buddy really have a talent!

What is this film about?

Movie The Nut Job 2 trailer tells about faithful friends – Surly squirrel and Buddy rat. They enjoyed peanuts a lot, wanted to find them as much as possible. Finally they have found story market overfilled with peanuts.

The movie is an action comedy, a very courageous Surly and his wonderful friend rat Buddy need realize plan for winter which is coming and they want to provide for it some food and made a decision to have nut shop in the town. It is very necessary in cool time, we can understand the heroes. Together with his true friend a rat Buddy, he will bring a bend together to help him get inside and take them to experience which takes breath away. We believe that it is true. This story will be shown in cinema. Call your children and friends to see wonderful film.

The Nut Job 2 movie

One has to survive in a big city and get some food for himself. Their dream is going to come true, and all they need is to plan a robbery.

Their cunning plan for robbery can never be repeated. But suddenly their relatives – 13 peanut’s friends, appeared. They are really poor and hungry….

But there is another story where some criminals are planning to dig a tunnel under the shop and rob a bunk nearby filling bags with peanuts and change them for bags with money. So they use the shop like a cover and squirrel and rat just know nothing about that!

Well, what is going to happen next? In perhaps the most moving scene of the film, the heroes, a squirrel and a rat overcome the evil ones.

How? We will see… – The Nut Job 2 2017 movie release date is Friday, May 19, 2017.

You will be fascinated by taking breath away adventures and  by joyful and sad stories.

The Nut Job 2 2017


Naturally, demanding movie watchers are always interested who is starring.

Studio: Open Road Films

Director: Cal Brunker

Screen writers: Scott Bindley, Bob Barlen, Cal Brunker

Actors showed their best and here is a cast in alphabetical order:


  • Will Arnett
  • Jackie Chan
  • Katherine Heigl
  • Maya Rudolph
  • Bobby Canmavave
  • Peter Stormare
  • Gabriel Eglesias
  • Jeff Dunham

This is American – Canadian – Korean 3D movie with Cal Brunrer brilliant producing. Genres: animation, comedy, adventure.

The Nut Job 2

Release in cinema

When is The Nut Job 2 2017 coming to theatres? Friday, May 19.

Even though film appeared in 2014, May 21, 2015 it was update. Animation film has a new scenario, it resembles the previous scenario just a little bit. Audience was captivated by new version. It is interesting when certain movie will have a sequel.

Of course, every part of movie has a special attraction. Those who have ever watched it know what is going to happen next. Children also will appreciate that starring heroes are animals. It is easy to captivate a lot of children in such a way.

Kids will know more about animals. Movie longs for 95 min. which is good. You won’t be tired. Celebrities are present in the movie screenplay. By advertisement you will know in which cinemas you can watch it. In television is also available. Besides, movie fans will find out very quickly about new films. If you dislike cliches you should certainly watch this film, you also will not find “trendy” phrases there.

Welcome to the cinema theaters!

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When does come out Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie 2017

While James Bond movies are becoming more serious and realistic, a different process develops like a reflection in a mirror. The tradition of the funny spy movies not only did not die, but live, and live successfully. At the very least, a comedy “Kingsman: The Secret Service” was in no way less interesting than the next blockbuster about the 007. We are sure that no matter when does Kingsman: The Golden Circle come out, it’s going to be good.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie 2017

How it all started

Many years ago, the English aristocrats decided that the safest thing is to deal with the security themselves. And why not the security of the whole wide world? They have invested huge amounts of money in the creation of an independent top-secret intelligence “Kingsman”. Now every aristocrat becomes a super agent after the special training. Little does he need a license to kill; he barely needs any license at all. Because a real gentleman knows how to act in any situation. New time brings new challenges, and now “Kingsman” has to deal with the mysterious villains that threaten all humanity.

Have to wait:

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Reflection of the genre

The movie “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” trailer is yet to come out, but we can already tell that the main point — the characters — is going to stay the same: glorious and hilarious.

Thus, the two main characters — classic archetypes, doomed to both success with audiences and accusations in stereotyping. Both reactions are justified. Ordinary guy from the outskirts, who saves the world, is always attractive, as there are villains, seeking ways to subjugate the world. “Kingsman” is really a set of stamps of the cinematic spy genre. But these components together form a strong, dynamic, funny and intelligent film, that hasn’t been seen on the screen for a long time.


Matthew Vaughn openly names the sources of his inspiration, reinterpreting them with a bit of madness, which is necessary for high-quality parodies. That is why the boy’s mentor, a true gentleman with manners of Bond and love for the dry martini, Galahad (Colin Firth) can spontaneously arrange a “bloodbath” in an apparent sectarian church. For the same reason, pro-fascist statements about the need to cleanse the planet from genetic contamination are heard from the mouth of a black character with the habits and appearance of the rapper from the ghetto. Politically incorrect black humor of Matthew Vaughn is also very topical, which distinguishes it from the many parodies of spy movies. At the same time, “Kingsman” will appeal to fans of pure entertainment — all the action scenes are filmed at the highest level, and even Colin Firth looks unexpectedly convincing as does all the cast. In short, the film met the perfect balance of action and trash. Hopefully, he will continue in the future, because, in all probability, “Kingsman” will grow into a long-playing franchise, and the phrase “Oxfords not brogues” will become a cult one-liner akin to “mix, but do not stir.” Kingsman: The Golden Circle 2017 movie release date is on 16th of June.

Director’s view

What can we say: the first film begins with the Dire Straits song and ends with a Roxy Music. At the same time, despite all Vaughn’s irony, with borderline rudeness sometimes, good old England has still brought up – with some regrettable exceptions – the good guys. The world’s evil is personified in the figure of the Facebook-era — a new-wave billionaire, who wears a baseball cap and sneakers, eats a Big Mac off the silver tray while joyfully yelling after purchasing the real cylinder in London.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Of course, you should only watch this movie on the big screen with good sound, transmitting all the nuances of the English language. When the heroes begin to speak in different languages, each of whom is equally English, it does not even need to be translated. You just have to hear it. English here is presented in so many variations that it is possible to show the film in schools as a good example of dialects and accents. Anyway, this movie should be shown everywhere and to everybody. It is, of course, forgotten immediately after watching, but the mood is always good afterwards. As a gentleman, Harry would have said: “As in those old movies.”


While anticipating the next part of the franchise, the movie fans start to surf the web searching for the juicy details about the movie. Rumor has it that there will be another big Hollywood star involved in the movie. Matthew Vaughn invited Channing Tatum! We don’t know what kind of character will he play or even his mother agency because the story is known to be about the cooperation with an American Kingsman-like organization. When Kingsman: The Golden Circle 2017 is coming to theaters, nobody has any idea what to expect. But it’s undoubtedly going to be a great piece of cinema.