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It is American-Canadian horror film directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, the continuation of the “Saw” franchise. In the article below, you will find everything you need about the movie including the answer to the main question: “When is Saw Legacy movie release date 2017?”


For every bad thing you have to pay – it is in this convinced the most ordinary people who are the victims of an unknown maniac, who imposes his own justice. He kidnaps people, but they do not remember how this happens – they come to their senses already in some terrible and bloody trap of a maniac. You can get out of the trap, but only in some eerie way: for example, to get rid of a chain, you need to cut off a part of your body, or you have to sacrifice the life of another person with whom you are somehow. Victims of traps sometimes think that all this is a dream, and when they wake up, they will be safe. But this is not a dream, it is a really horrible reality, from which no one can hide and be saved.

Saw: Legacy movie

Originally, the crazy creator of the traps was a man named John Kramer, who did not consider himself a murderer: he believed that with the help of these traps, people would learn to appreciate life, learn to appreciate what they have. However, now John Cramer had followers – his students, who, admiring his ability to create traps for the victims, are also engaged in the creation of traps. This time the traps will be even bloodier, and the victims who are in them will have a very hard time – but perhaps they themselves deserve it?

Saw Legacy official release date in 2017 is planned for October 27, 2017, in the USA.

Interesting facts

  1. The reference to the film “Saw 8” was in the movie of 2011 directed by James Van “Insidious,” in one of the scenes you can see a poster with the image of a clown with a figure 8.
  2. Initially, the film “Saw 3D” was considered as the last in the series, but in 2012 the studio “Lionsgate” showed interest in the continuation of the franchise. In 2016, work began on the film “Saw 8.”
  3. The music for the film “Saw 8” was written by composer Charlie Clouser, who also worked on all the previous parts of the franchise.
  4. The film “Saw 8” is a continuation of the 2010 film directed by Kevin Greutert “Saw 3D.”
  5. The shooting of the film “Saw 8” was held in Toronto, Canada.

Release date

Saw Legacy DVD release date is unknown. The estimated date for release is January 2017.

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