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No project

In an interview given to the portal AlloCine, Ridley Scott shared some disappointing details about the fate of the film “Alien 5.” Initially, the director Neill Blomkamp volunteered to film a new part from the “Alien” universe, ignoring the events of parts 3 and 4. However, the studio more worked on the sequel to “Prometheus” – “Covenant” than Blomkamp’s film.

In that interview, Ridley said that the production of the fifth part of the “Alien” did not even begin.

I think the movie will never be released. The movie did not even have a script – just an idea. I worked in the movie as a producer. Further ideas did not work because Fox film studio decided that it had no interest in making of the film. You should forget about Alien 5 official release date in 2018, much less Alien 5 DVD release date.


In a new interview given to The Verge, Blomkamp confirmed Ridley Scott’s statement that fifth installment will not really be realized, and told about the reasons why the film project will never be released.

“I think,” Alien 5” is finally buried, now you can really say so. And it’s sad because I worked on it for a long time, it seemed that everything was going fine. But then the policy of the studio played its role, the project simply has no chance of starting,” – says the director.

“Ridley Scott was one of my idols since I was a teenager. He is incredibly talented, his film about “Alien,” set the direction for my career. I respect his brainchild and do not want to trample down the world he created. If there was different situation, and I did not get used to those things to which Ridley obviously feels a deep personal affection, then everything would turn out differently. But I just wanted to preserve my most respectful attitude to his creation,” – Blomkamp added.

At the moment, the director together with Oats Studios is making a series of experimental shorts, which can then be expanded to full-length pictures. The teaser trailer for the first of them was introduced at the end of May.

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