American Made official release date


AKA Mena, this movie will be one of the finest releases of the year. Based on a true story, but partially fictional, American Made looks and feels just as awesome as it sounds. Tom Cruise is back as the prime candidate for the coolest actor of 2017, which is already a big enough reason to check this adrenaline-packed and explosive film out. Ok, when is American Made movie release date 2017? September 29th is the day the Americans will get to check it out. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, not quite, especially given the fact that, say, in the UK, the movie will arrive on August 25th. Same goes for Sweden, and Norway, while the Netherlands will enjoy Cruise’s awesomeness even earlier – on August 17th.

A Civilian Pilot Turns Into A Badass

Regardless of the release dates, there’s no doubt in our minds that Liman, the director, did everything right, and that autumn will be unusually hot. As mentioned in the beginning, the movie is based on the extraordinary life of Mr. Barry Seal, a regular pilot who turned into a smuggler one day and was recruited by US special agencies (CIA and DEA, to be exact) to work for them and provide vital intel on the drug lords.

American Made

The communists are getting stronger and stronger in Central America, and the US government simply can’t let the Ruskies dominate in that region. If you love watching mighty blockbusters at home while cozied up on your favorite sofa, we’re sorry to say that the American Made DVD release date is not set yet, so, for now, you’ll just have to go to your local theater to check it out. Well, it will most certainly be worth it, especially if you’re a sucker for a killer mix of action, thrill, drama, and comedy.

One Man Against The Brutal Cartels

Long story short, Seal ends up being one of the most valuable recruits in CIA ranks and a double agent who works both for the American government and the Central-American Hefes. The job requires him to be on the edge 24/7 and think it all through; one wrong move could lead to a catastrophe. With a loving woman waiting for him at home, Seal simply can’t fail.

But can he really play for both teams and still not get burned? And for how long? Ok, we know the American Made official release date in 2017 and we know that the movie will be a crowd-pleaser. What else is there to wish for, right? Tom Cruise knows exactly how to play charming bad boys slash patriots, and the fine line-up of action scenes, CGI effects and funny moments will make sure you have a great time at the theater.

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