Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad official release date

If you wondering – when is Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad movie release date 2018? – we are glad to present you full information about the cartoon film and also the answer to this question. The article below will present you everything you need. Here we go!


Woodley is in director’s chair.

Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad official release date in 2018 is planned for January 26.

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Arctic Justice animals


The protagonist is the arctic fox Swifty (J. Renner). Its main dream is to become a team member of postal commissars who carry out correspondence on the Arctic. To do this, he steals the postal sled with a parcel, which must be delivered to a secret ice fortress, controlled by Walrus (J. Cleese). A disabled walrus with a team of Atlantic puffins is going to raise lava flows from the depths of the earth, melt the polar glaciers and thus arrange a new “Water World” where he will rule.

Swifty is recruiting a team consisting of a bear introvert (A. Baldwin), an albatross RocknRolla (J. Franco), two otters conspirologists (O. Sy and H. Klum). Together they will try to stop the destruction of the world.

DVD release date

Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad DVD release date is expected for March 26, 2018, in the United States.

We hope that the movie will be interesting and fascinating.

Thank you for your attention!

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