Avengers 3 Infinity War official release date

If you wondering – when is Avengers 3 Infinity War movie release date 2018? Then you need to look through the information below. If you ready let’s go!


Russo brothers (Joe and Anthony) are responsible for creation of the movie.

The third part of the pic will have the longest duration in the Marvel’s history. According to Comic Book , one of the brothers (Joe) told about this. “The length of the pic is 150 minutes, the filming process is almost completed but we have a lot other things to do.” We have some incomplete moments that we will work on next, but anyway, the duration will be 150 minutes.”

According to insiders, this impressive timing is explained by the fact that the third part will be the crowning moment in the history of the studio.

Avengers 3 Infinity War official release date in 2018 is expected for May.

Avengers 3 poster


Stubborn superheroes could not live together. Everyone went on a journey, and some even left the galaxy. From now everyone is busy with their own business, but soon they will have to reassemble because the Earth is threatened by a terrible creature, whose strength was never met before by the Avengers. Titan Thanos plans to seize the galaxy. It’s not a simple matter, so he needs a magical intervention. To create a The Infinity Gauntlet, the villain had to search for artifacts in the universe for thousands of years. There is only one missing. According to the law of the genre, last part of The Infinity Gauntlet had a careless brother of Thor, Loki.

He, undoubtedly, decided to give it, only with the condition – the Earth will pass into the domain of God. The enemy agreed and the glove of infinity is ready. Avengers do not want to hear anything about the collection, but as soon as the first troubles begin, they involuntarily gather. Thanos is the strongest enemy, and the artifact is his big trump card. Superheroes need to ignore conflicts and work together. Even the all-powerful Hulk cannot alone withstand the power that the opponent owns. Who will win in this battle?

DVD release date

Avengers 3 Infinity War DVD release date is expected for July.

Let’s hope that the creators of the film will do their best to please fans all over the world.

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