Avengers 3 official release date

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Anthony Russo and Joe Russo are directors of the film.

  • Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are screenwriters of the project.
  • Alan Silvestri is the composer of the movie.
  • Trent Opaloch is a cinematographer.
  • Jeffrey Ford is a film editor.
  • Charles Wood is production designer.

In the US, Avengers 3 official release date in 2018 is planned for May 4, 2018.


Stubborn legendary heroes could not get along together on Earth. They again scattered around the universe – someone in the back streets of the universe, someone in the wilderness on the planet. In the face of imminent danger to the inhabitants of the Earth, they were able to somehow gather, but for long-term communication, these wayward leaders and heroes are not ready. Each hero does not want to hear about other super heroes. In the new picture, these rioters will gather again to rebuff the evil, and save life on Earth. And only they will be able to stop the raging evil, coming from the darkest corners of the universe.

Avengers 3 poster

The evil titan Thanos for many years planned to capture the entire universe. To fulfill this monstrous plan, he needed additional strength. And this force was found. Throughout the universe for thousands of years, he collected the necessary artifact stones to create a new ultimate-weapon that has incredible power, which is beyond the power of the most developed civilizations. Thanos prepares the Infinity Glove, and for the finishing touch in this terrible weapon, one stone was missing. It was this stone has ingenious and heartless Loki. In exchange for a promise to give the Earth, Loki goes to Thanos and hands him the coveted stone.

Receiving unprecedented power Thanos begins his campaign, and as promised Loki, the first in the way of the evil titan is the Earth. Without relying on their own military forces, governments again turn to heroes, who have proven themselves in cruel battles. To old acquaintances: Thor, Iron Man, Captain America. This is not all; this story will join Spider-Man and Dr. Strange.

This time the task for the team of the Avengers is so extraordinary. They have to find a common language and understand how to cope with the powerful titan Thanos and his close ingenious Loki. The new weapons such as hammer of the Thor, the complex technical inventions of the Iron Man, the destructive power of the Hulk do not work. Only by combining their efforts, gathering together all the possibilities of superheroes, they can compete with a dark and formidable force.

DVD release date

Avengers 3 DVD release date is expected on July 4, 2018, in the United States.

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