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The director of the “Suicide Squad” David Ayer presents the police thriller “Bright” with Will Smith in the title role. In the topic below, you will find everything you need about the movie and also the answer to the question: “When is Bright movie release date 2017?”


The film’s actions take place in a fictional world where people and other fairy-tale creatures live in the same society. They have general laws and rights that do not divide fairies, orcs, elves, and people into different social classes. The main characters of the movie “Bright” are two police officers who are partners. One of them is an orc, another is a man, but this does not stop them from being best friends and doing their job.

Bright movie

Suddenly, murders begin to occur in the city, which look very strange. Heroes learn that criminals hunt for a powerful artifact in the form of a magic wand. The guardian of this thing is the girl elf, who is mentally linked to it. While she is alive, no one can possess a wand. The police will have to take the girl under their protection since it starts a real hunt.

Bright official release date in 2017 is scheduled for December 2017. It will come out already on the Internet.

Interesting facts

  1. With a budget of $ 90 million, “Bright” became the most expensive film of Netflix at the time of its creation.
  2. Screenwriter Max Landis called the picture “Bright” his personal “Star Wars,” and also noted its similarity with the “End of Watch” 2012 – a picture directed by David Ayer. The film script was written by Landis specifically for Eyre.
  3. Landis personally advocated that no information on the story appeared on the Internet, except that its main characters are a man and an orc living in a modern fantasy world.
  4. This is the fourth project in which Will Smith plays the role of a policeman after the “Bad Guys” (1995), its sequel 2003 and “I, Robot” (2004).
  5. This is the second collaborative project of Smith, Ike Barinholtz and David Ayer after “Suicide Squad” (2016).
  6. For Joel Edgerton, this is the third role of the policeman after the films “Felony” (2014) and “Black Mass” (2015).

Release date

Bright DVD release date is not announced. The estimated date for its release is December 2017.

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