Cadaver official release date

Horror about cemeteries will never become less attractive to the viewer than they were in the 70s and 80s of the last century. Cemeteries are traditionally perceived as a symbol of death, and dead people have repeatedly acted as the main antagonists of a particular horror film. And this is understandable because their appearance is already capable of putting the frighteners on an impressionable spectator. In 2018, the US premiere of a promising horror with a capacious and intriguing title “Cadaver”. What is behind it, the audience has only to guess. We will generate some heat with a brief annotation.

In the article below, you can find information about the film including the answer to the main question: “When is Cadaver movie release date 2018?” If you ready let’s go!


The movie is directed by Diederik Van Rooijen.

In the US, Cadaver official release date in 2018 is planned for August 24.


The main heroine of this horror is a female police officer. She is a girl of a difficult fate. Only recently she managed to leave the clinic for drug addicts, where the heroine underwent rehabilitation. Her mood is bad, and her condition is not much better. The authorities ordered the woman to go on patrolling the cemetery of the city hospital. The task is not the most pleasant, but, as you know, you cannot go against orders. In one of the corpses buried in the cemetery, there is an evil nature that leads to a chain of terrible and bloody events…

Will Megan be able to confront the evil corpse and escape from this cursed place alive? You will know it only after watching the movie.


The main role will be performed by Shay Mitchell. She will play the police officer Megan Reed. She is known for the role of Tina in “Mother’s Day,” Nicole in “Dreamland,” Marissa in “Immediately Afterlife.”

Kirby Johnson will play the corpse that will torment the main hero. She is famous for the role of Cami in “5150.” “Cadaver” is only a second movie of the actress.

DVD release date

Cadaver DVD release date is expected for October 24, 2018, in the United States. We look forward to its release.

Almost forgot, you can find a lot of information about the movie production, actor’s interviews and many other things on the YouTube.

Thank you for being with us!

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