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The new project of the Pixar in association with Disney tells about Mexican boy, who accidentally find himself at the underworld.  In the article below you will find the information about the film and the answer to the question: “When is Coco movie release date 2017?”


There are two directors of the movie: L. Unkrich and A. Molina. For the latter, it is the first work in directing. It is normal for Pixar to prepare new directors by taking them for work with already well-qualified authors.

Coco official release date in 2017 is scheduled for November 2017.


Young Miguel lives with his parents in a Mexican village. The father makes a living as a shoemaker, hoping that soon the son will go on his footsteps, but the boy does not dream about it at all. Music – his secret desire, however, in his family it is strictly prohibited to talk about music. Miguel’s great-grandfather for the sake of the same dream left the great-grandmother, whose life went bad after this.

Coco  movie

Since then, it has been decided not to talk about the musical career in the Miguel family, but the boy cannot live without music. His dreams excite, and soon the incredible thing becomes clear – between him and his beloved singer Ernesto de la Cruz, there is some kind of mystical connection, which he cannot explain. The time will come, and everything will become clear, but for now, he is considering a plan for traveling to the Land of the Dead. Only there he can find his idol to personally know everything.

Explorer to a unique world will be Hector – spirit in the form of a skeleton. He not only introduces the boy to the world where everyone would like to visit, but will also help return to the world of the living. Miguel is strong – he will overcome all troubles, but first, he will have to make efforts. He so hardly recognized the secret of the household and the reason why one cannot even think about a favorite business. Now he will not stop half way but know the whole truth to the end. A family heirloom is already found – a mysterious casket. It will reveal the boy all the secrets.

Release date

Coco DVD release date is estimated for February 2018. We look forward to its release.

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