Cult of Chucky official release date

The killer doll Chucky will return to the screens very soon, and the cycle of horror “Children’s Play” will continue with the seventh part – “Cult of Chucky.” The director is still Don Mancini – the creator of the character, the author of scenarios and the director of the last two films. The serial murderer Charles Lee Ray will again get down to business, albeit in a puppet guise. In the article below, you will find all necessary information about the film including the answer to the question: “When is Cult of Chucky movie release date 2017?”


For Nica acquaintance with the doll, Chucky was fatal. People did not believe the girl that a terrible toy destroys everything around. Now she is imprisoned in a psychiatric clinic, where the attending physician decides to try new methods of treatment on her. From now on, along with the patient in the ward, there will be a doll with a joyful and laid-back face. Nica does not feel any danger, but after the appearance of the toy, people begin to die in the hospital. The girl is frightened, no one believes her again, and the death of patients mistakenly blamed on age, intolerance to drugs, accidents. Soon the hospital personnel begins to die, Andy Barclay hurries to help Nica, but Tiffany tries to stop the young man. The charming bride of Chucky is ready for anything to make the girl die. This time Chucky is strong, and no one is able to stop him. For Nica, his return threatens to turn into a disaster, because here she got peace of mind in the hospital, felt safe and did not think about the consequences that she might experience. Timely intervention of doctors allowed the girl to stay alive, but the appearance of a terrible toy again threatens to break the idyll.

Cult of Chucky movie

Nica knows that she is blamed for the death of her family, she became the main suspect, and the only imprisonment in a psychiatric hospital helped her avoid arrest. The attending physician hoped that she would forever forget about the mythical Chucky, but all the methods of treatment are in vain. The girl still assures everyone that he exists, bringing people danger. After the death of patients and medical personnel, a thorough investigation is conducted, but it is not possible to establish the reasons for their death. Nica is one on one with danger.

Cult of Chucky official release date in 2017 is planned for October 20, 2017, in the USA.


  • J. Tilly as Tiffany
  • B. Dourif as voice of Chucky
  • F. Dourif as Nica
  • A. Vincent as Andy Barclay

Release date

Cult of Chucky DVD release date is set for October 3, 2017, in the USA.

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