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The popular English fairy tale called “Jack and the Beanstalk” still maintains a high level of popularity. Therefore, the adventure cartoon “Gigantic” of 2020 should attract the attention of the public. The film is at the stage of production but the fact that this movie is filmed by experienced representatives of the world famous Walt Disney indicates that, in the end, it will be very interesting.  In the topic below, you can find all known information about the film including the answer to the question: “When is Gigantic movie release date 2020?”


Nathan Greno and Meg LeFauve are directors of the film.

The creators of the picture express their confidence that this time the public will face a completely new and original version of the already well-known story. Now the cartoon will be saturated with light elements of humor, which perfectly match with the deep feelings of the main characters. Spectators will have to empathize with the main characters which regularly face serious experiences. The authors of the cartoon story do not want to reveal the main secrets of production. This factor only attracts additional attention from the public, which is looking forward to November 2020.

In the USA, Gigantic official release date in 2020 is expected for November 25.

Gigantic poster


The plot of the cartoon is tied after the main character learns about the existence of a certain country of giants. True, it’s difficult to get to it, because it’s hidden behind clouds. At some point, Jack manages to make friends with the 20-meter Inma, who is only 11 years old. This heroine is an interesting and partially mysterious character, but it gradually becomes clear that not all giants are friendly and lovely.

The main characters of the cartoon will do everything possible in order not to allow the storm giants to finally destroy the country of the giants.

In the original version, Jack was quite inquisitive and even a funny character. Now he will have to cope with the most serious and complex problems together with his new girlfriend.

Release date

In the United States, Gigantic DVD release date is expected for January 25, 2021.

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