Independence Day 3 official release date

It’s safe to say that the ID franchise is one of the most popular ones in history. The original film proved that sci-fi can be equally thrilling, gripping, heart-wrenching and funny. Chapter #2 wasn’t at all what the fans expected it to be, but, thankfully, the third installment is well on its way. When is Independence Day 3 movie release date 2019, exactly? It will be available worldwide on July 1, 2019. Why not the Fourth of July, you might ask?

Well, it must be a part of a tricky marketing move. Regardless, the most important thing is that they are, indeed, working on the third chapter and that this time around, the team will make sure they create a true blockbuster. With the Marvel and DC superhero adaptations taking over the industry, people still want some good old sci-fi adventure with a great plot, an engaging cast of characters, and that ID-exclusive atmosphere.

Leaving Earth And Exploring The Galaxy

Roland Emmerich will be directing the movie, while pretty much the whole cast from Resurgence will be featured in the trequel. There won’t be a time jump like the one between the first two films. The same characters will return to take the battle to the enemy and explore the endless possibilities of the Universe.

Independence Day 3 poster

An intergalactic journey waits, and it will be up to a bunch of daredevils to “step foot” into the unknown. The Independence Day 3 DVD release date is November-December 2019. The exact date depends on the movie’s success. If it turns out to be a banger, early 2020 is when it will come out. At the end of the day, the producer, director and screenwriter just want to bring back the original “flavor”, so to speak.

A TV Show AND A Movie? Why Not?!

After the sequel, folks were kinda disappointed with the average plot and over-the-top action sequences. This time around, the accent will be more on the story itself and the characters. We still don’t know whether Will Smith will join chapter 3 or not, but there are some rumors that the man might get back to his role after skipping Resurgence. It would be great to see him next to the new kids on the block.

Along with the official third installment, there’s also a lot of talk about a full-length TV show in the same universe. After The Falling Skies, we’re practically left with no solid shows about an alien invasion, and that means this idea might actually pan out. But hey, let’s not forget that the Independence Day 3 official release date in 2019 is July 1st. The folks at 20th Century Fox have enough time to roll in with an epic TV show and then hit the theaters with the movie after the fans get “warmed up”.

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