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“It” is one of the most famous and powerful works of the master of horrors – Stephen King. A complex novel about fears, the influence of childhood experiences on the whole adult life and the relationship between the child and the parent, written in 1986, has already been screened once. Now it is again preparing to enter the big screens: after going through a lot of twists and turns, in 2017 a new adaptation of “It” will have to appear before the fans of horror. If you want to know all known information on the movie including the answer to the question: “When is It movie release date 2017?” then watch the topic below.

Unlucky adaptations

Stephen King’s books are chronically unlucky with adaptations – it’s known to every fan. A couple of successful pictures have a lot of those that categorically do not like the fans. In recent years, King’s films have been filmed: not long ago, the “Carrie” appeared, badly received by critics and spectators, and now the “Dark Tower” is preparing to release. Fans, taught by bitter experience, in advance, have skeptical views on the new movie.


I want to hope that “It” will be among the successful screen versions. The filming was to start in July 2016, but due to the director’s change, the question of how the filming process is going on remains open. Nevertheless, It official release date in 2017 is scheduled for September 8.


The story of “It” tells about the small American town of Derry in Maine. The rogue children living in it, gather in a company that is ironically called a “club of losers,” and face the highest manifestation of evil living in sewers under the city. The monster, which takes any form and feeds on people, chooses the weakest and most vulnerable victims – children. The battle with “It” gives the guys to understand that one can only hope for themselves: adults who are not ready to believe in “It” will not help them in this battle.

Faith in “It” is the highest vulnerability of children. After many years, the grown-up and dispersed “losers” are forced to return to their hometown and clash with “It” and their own childhood fears in the final battle. But to win, they must restore their own memories of childhood.

Release date

It DVD release date is not known. The approximate date of release is on November-December 2017.

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