Jungle Book official release date

AKA Jungle Book: Origins (that’s the old title), this is a brand-new adventure slash fantasy movie. It’s directed by the legendary Andy Serkis and will feature motion-capture “acting” by Serkis himself, along with big-time Hollywood celebrities like the ever-young Bale and the extremely popular Cumberbatch. So, when is Jungle Book movie release date 2018? It’s coming to the United States and the UK on October 19, 2018.

Russia and Brazil will get to check it out a day earlier. Callie Kloves is responsible for the big-screen adaptation of the world-famous story by Kipling that we all love and cherish. Warner Bros. will take care of distribution. As you can judge from the talent involved in this project, it’s safe to say that something truly grandiose will hit the theaters next year.

Trying To Find Just The Right Team For The Movie

It all started back in 2012 when the company announced that Steve Kloves (Callie’s dad) was to spearhead the movie and simultaneously write, direct and produce it. Later, the man had to step down from writing-directing and the incredibly talented Inarritu joined the project. Yet, he also left the Jungle Book to work on some of his biggest movies to date. Finally, that same year, Serkis was officially confirmed as the director.

Jungle Book poster

He certainly does know his way around the industry and will deliver a masterpiece – no doubt about that. The Jungle Book DVD release date is late 2018/early 2019. It’s shaping up to be one of those films that you’d want to keep in your collection to check out with your kids. By the way, “Sherlock” will voice the biggest villain of the Jungle – Shere Khan. The rest of the cast is tasked with voicing all the other characters of the tale.

Bringing Our Childhood Years Back

Now, initially, they wanted to release it last year (in October 2016, to be exact) but had to push it due to some production difficulties. In 2014, a new date was set – late 2017. The CGI effects team needed more time to perfect the visual part of the project. And now we’ve got a new (and, hopefully, final) date. The Jungle Book is one of the greatest children’s books in history.

At the same time, it will be just as exciting and entertaining for the moms and dads. It’s thought-provoking, full of heart, and even educational at some point.  Besides, if you love bright and “expensive” movies, you simply can’t miss this star-studded blockbuster. We already know the Jungle Book official release date in 2018 – it’s October 19th. All that’s left to do is wait. Oh, you catch up on the story and get your read on.

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