Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns official release date


If you have been scrolling TV channels or visiting the cinema and watching the latest movies you have probably noticed some sort of nostalgia in new developments. However, they are all made in a new style which is attractive for both adults and teenagers – recently, the filmmakers made a decision to revive some franchises and give it a new beginning. So, the question is, when is Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns movie release date 2018?

To be able to answer that common question, let’s have a look at the process of development, as well as some juicy facts about the brand new installment.

The process of production – when did it all start?

In the middle of September 2015, it was officially reported that the brand new project about Mary Poppins was finally in production and would probably represent the new events set to be more than twenty years after the first ones.

Since then Walt Disney Studios – the company that distributed the project – started looking for the perfect actors to portray the old and known to the viewers characters. Afterward, there were plenty of different announcements about Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns DVD release date but at that time nothing was confirmed.

Mary Poppins comes back

The principal photography started at the beginning of February 2017 and took places in the special studio located in Surrey, United Kingdom.

Official release date – is it known yet?

When it comes to Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns official release date in 2018 in all American theaters, it is supposed to come out at the end of December 2018 whilst other premieres are scheduled to happen at the beginning of 2019 in Australia and Brazil respectively.

Interesting facts

  • Just like the actress playing Mary in the very first 1964 movie Emily Blunt was also pregnant so that the director of the project had to postpone the shooting.
  • This appears to be the third collaboration of Blunt and Meryl Streep.
  • The actress who portrayed Poppins in the old version of the franchise loved seeing Blunt playing the same character as she thinks Blunt is very talented actress.
  • According to the plot, the events in the film are set in 1930 and follow the terrible loss of the known family where Poppins used to work as the nanny of brother and sister who already grew up – the whole family lost the mother of children and the wife of Jack Banks. Mary comes to bring all the joy back.
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