Mary Poppins Returns official release date

Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns” will not be a remake, but a continuation of the classic adventure of Robert Stephenson’s “Mary Poppins” (1964).  If you want to know – when is Mary Poppins Returns movie release date 2018? Then you should watch the article below. If you ready let’s go


The director of the new picture was the nominee for the Oscar, Rob Marshall, known for such works as “Into the Woods.” The script is based on the works of Pamela Travers about the sorceress-nurse, written by David Magee (“Life of Pi”).

The creators of the movie showed the process of preparing the movie, making several pictures from it and from the set. Readers of Entertainment Weekly were the first to see rare photos in which Emily Blunt and other actors, as well as the director and producer, are working on a new adaptation of the famous story of a strict nanny with amazing abilities. You already can see them on the network. They are available.

Last year it was known that Mary Poppins would be played by Emily Blunt, and last spring the authors of the movie shared the network with the first shot of Emily in the image of the main hero of the book by Pamela Lyndon Travis.

“I tried to pay tribute to the image created by Julie Andrews in the original film – said Emily. “We have also preserved the atmosphere that prevails in the book.”

Emily Blunt in Mary Poppins Returns

For the musical mood of the new film, the winner of the Tony Award, Mark Shaiman and Emmy nominee Scott Whitman are responsible.

The director in general gathered for the work on the film a talented and distinguished team: Sandy Powell, Gordon Sim, and Peter King.

Mary Poppins Returns official release date in 2018 is expected for December 25.


The movie will unfold in London in 1930s (the time period coincides with the original book). Michael grew up and now lives with 3 children.

When in the family of the hero happens trouble, the mysterious Mary appears and with the help of the cheerful Jack and magic gives the Banks happiness!

A small spoiler – a new generation of Banks will also get acquainted with the eccentric nurse’s cousin named Topsy.

DVD release date

Mary Poppins Returns DVD release date is expected for February 25, 2019, in the USA.

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