Men in Black 4 official release date

The very first installment in this groundbreaking series came out in 1997, and it was a huge international hit. Back then, we didn’t have many superhero movies with awesome effects and gripping plots. Overall, there are three chapters in this franchise, and there’s a new one on the horizon. When is Men in Black 4 movie release date 2018, exactly? It’s definitely coming, ladies and gentlemen, and will, most likely, hit the theaters next year.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an officially confirmed date (January 1st is the closest estimate). Furthermore, the fourth installment is having a hard time finding its true self, so to speak. While the third movie was the most commercially successful one in the lineup and grossed 624+ million US dollars, the production company wasn’t quick to deliver the fourth film.

Bringing The Old Gang Back

The critics had mixed reviews; the fans really loved it and wanted more MIB adventures. So, why did the producers decide to postpone the follow-up? Men In Black 3 saw the light of day in 2012, which means it’s already been five years. The industry today is only alive thanks to the numerous sequels and remakes, which puts this franchise in a pretty great position.

Agents K and J

With that said, you can expect the Men in Black 4 DVD release date to be late 2018/early 2019. Now, the lead actors of the series, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Smith both have said that MIB 4 was definitely in the works and that they would «probably» return to their respective roles. Jones even said that he was always happy to be a part of this franchise and that working with Smith and the team is tons of fun.

Finding The Perfect Time To Deliver A Classic

Chapter 3 ended on a very peculiar note, which means the screenwriters are welcome to use their creativity to deliver a worthy new film. Columbia executives said many times they were happy with the performance of all three Men In Black movies (obviously) and that they’re planning on turning it into a franchise. A few months ago, there was a rumor claiming the lead actors were done with MIB and that the producers were thinking about introducing a whole new team of Men in Black for the young audience.

And while nobody has denied that rumor yet, we believe another sci-fi movie for the teenagers won’t do any good for the world. Smith and Jones are old-school, and that’s exactly why people love this series. Let’s just hope they’ll work out the differences, find the time and the energy and finally come through with a smash hit next year. The Men in Black 4 official release date in 2018 is going to be a good day for the industry!

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