Mission Impossible 6 official release date

It seems like 2018 is a year of action movies and those reviving from the past – the very first Mission Impossible was released in 1996 and in 2018 we are getting the sixth installment. The only question is, when is Mission Impossible 6 movie release date 2018? Let’s start from the very beginning of the story.

Production process

The last installment of Mission Impossible franchise came out in July 2015, but already in May the same year we got the information about the production company – Paramount Pictures – starting making the sixth movie in a row, as well as Mission Impossible 6 official release date in 2018 which is supposed to be a sequel to the 2015 version.

If you think Tom Cruise might be a little bit old for such appearances, you are totally wrong – recently, the actor has appeared in the action film “The Mummy” portraying the male lead actor. Cruise, in fact, had a great physical appearance which gave us a hint he would probably take the participation in other action movies in the near future.

Afterward, in July Cruise himself confirmed he was going to be in the brand new sequel saying that the principal photography may begin in the middle of 2016. But due to the scheduling conflicts and Tom being a part of other projects the shooting was delayed.

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

Filming locations

The principal photography took places in such world’s spots as Norway, Paris, London, India and New Zealand. The process of filming began at the beginning of April 2017. One of the well-known places where crew and actors got the permission to film was Preikestolen which was closed for tourists within nine days.

Interesting facts

  • Jeremy Renner is not returning for the sixth installment.
  • Cruise trained for one year to be able to perform all the stunts by himself.
  • Rebecca Ferguson is the first woman getting female lead role second time in a row in the action franchise.
  • The filming in New Zealand started in June 2017 which was the second time for Cruise being there since making 2003 movie called “The Last Samurai”.

Official release date

According to Paramount Pictures and their announcements about Mission Impossible 6 official release date in 2018, the film will come out at the end of July 2018 in 3D.


We don’t know a lot about the storyline except the fact that it would probably focus on Ethan’s personal life more than in previous installments. Afterward, it was reported that the actress that played the wife of the main character would probably appear againg as the death of Ethan’s soul mate was faked (Ghost Protocol).

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