Mortal Engines official release date

Mr. Philip Reeve wrote a bestselling series of novels about a futuristic world where London is just a huge machine desperately trying to get survive in a world that’s got nothing to provide. As for the film, it will be directed by Christian Rivers and hit the theaters next year. When is Mortal Engines movie release date 2018? It’s coming to the United States on December 14, 2018. Same goes for the UK and Japan.

Australia will only get to check it out on December 26th. In the apocalyptic future created by Reeve, cities are mobile and they are constantly on the move. They attack the smaller “fish” and take everything from them to keep going. This is a harsh, brutal, unforgiving reality where every wrong move can result in a catastrophe and possibly even the end of the human race.

A Big-Budget Blockbuster With An Unusual Setting

What will happen to Earth at the end? Will mankind find a way to gather its strength and unite against a common problem, or will it turn on itself and devastate what’s left of the planet? If you love gripping science fiction/action/thriller movies, make sure to check it out. With a budget of 100 million US dollars, it looks like late 2018 will be occupied by Mortal Engines.

Mortal Engine Coming

The cast includes big-time international stars like Hugo Weaving and several up-and-coming yet extremely talented actors/actresses that will be perfect for the setting of this blockbuster. The Mortal Engines DVD release date is mid-2019, by the way. So, what can we expect from this movie? Just another CGI-heavy banger with little to no sense, or maybe a thought-provoking film with a riveting plot and a strong message?

A Great Team And An Even Greater Producer

Well, Peter Jackson is one of the producers and the writers, which means you can expect at least some depth to it. The man started working on it back in 2009 when the first reports of his partnership with Reeve came out. However, principal photography only started in June 2017. It took Jackson 8 years to finally come through with this project, but there’s no doubt that he’ll make sure this movie is worth every last penny you pay for it.

Science fiction on the big screen is a regular thing these days; yet, a movie about big cities that move around and “eat” the smaller ones to last for a little bit longer is something entirely different! The Mortal Engines official release date in 2018 is already set and there’s no way they’re going to delay it once again. So, be ready for a breathtaking experience at the theaters. Get your friends together, buy a huge bowl of popcorn and enjoy!

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