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The fans of horrors slash psychological/mystery thrillers will be happy to learn that Aronofsky is officially back into the big league and is ready to make us bite our nails with Mother!, his latest effort. Ok, let’s learn when is Mother movie release date 2017 right from the beginning so that we can start saving some money to attend the premiere. In America, we’ll get to see it on October 13th (which is like less than in four months); same goes for the neighboring Canada and Mexico. In Turkey and India, Mother! will arrive on October 27th. The British folks, in turn, will only have a chance to check the film out on November 10th.

World-Class Acting And Directing

Now, this blood-chilling nerve-wrecker is all about big names, and the cast includes international celebrities like the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence, the ever-charismatic and ever-young Javier Bardem, and other big-time stars, the incredibly popular Kristen Wiig and hard-boiled Ed Harris among them. Yes, the magnitude of this movie is pretty impressive, and we’re hoping that the team behind it will find a way to turn it into one of the best experiences of the year, as opposed to just another movie in the genre. The industry really needs a mighty shake-up, and someone like Aronofsky is well capable of delivering it.

Mother movie

Intruders In The Middle Of The Night

Some folks would argue that a blood-chiller like this one is best to enjoy late at night, while home alone, but, since we don’t have the official Mother DVD release date, watching it on the big screen is the only option for us right now. Alright, so, what is it all about? The story follows a lovely couple who is living in peace, love, and understanding. But when a bunch of uninvited guests occupies their lovely house, their brick-strong relationship goes through a harsh test.

Will the new circumstances destroy what they’ve been building for years, or is their love for each other stronger than anything they throw at it? One thing is clear: they’ll never be the same after this day, and only God knows what will happen to their marriage after the sun comes up. A quick reminder: the Mother official release date in 2017 is October 13th in America and November 10th in the UK. Are you ready for a blood-rushing experience at the movies? With Jennifer Lawrence’s career in a suspenseful decline, we bet this film will put her back on that saddle and, once again, make her one of the most popular actresses on planet Earth.

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