Mulan official release date

Two decades ago, in 1998, Walt Disney released a bright and beautiful animated movie. Part action, part comedy, part drama, it was heavily based on a Chinese fable and received a lot of positive reviews. Both the critics and the fans loved the splendid sceneries, the thought-provoking story, and the lovely characters. And now Hollywood is ready to introduce us to a live-action film. So, when is Mulan movie release date 2019?

One thing is certain: it’s not done yet to roll out in 2018. But it will most definitely hit the theaters a year later both in the UK and in America. Initially, the company wanted November 2, 2018, to be the release date but was forced to push it back to 2019. It takes a lot of time to make all the stars align and to deliver an A-grade product for the audience.

Bringing A 20-Years-Old Story Back

By the way, back in 1994, when the original team was working on the film, some of the artistic supervisors were sent to China to get inspired by the country and to learn more about it to make the final product look both authentic and captivating. This time around, you don’t have to send your people to the other side of the world – you can just cooperate with local professionals!


Now, the original grossed 300+ million dollars, which means the brand-new remake simply has to match that number. Niki Caro, the director, is confident that the team has what it takes to create an exciting movie for the modern-day viewers who know nothing about the legend and/or the 1998 animated film.

A Fearless Chinese Maiden Against The World

The Mulan DVD release date is mid-late 2019. You’ll also be able to purchase it on iTunes or any other online store. Just make sure not to miss the premiere. The story follows a brave young Chinese woman who, under the disguise of a soldier, tries to do the impossible – save her dad. On her journey, she’ll overcome numerous obstacles and perfect her fighting skills to be able to face her enemies. Along the way, the courageous maiden will find new friends and loyal partners who will guide her through the treacherous waters.

Lauren Hynek is working on the screenplay; Niki Caro, as mentioned above, is directing the movie. Adventure and drama will come together to create an awesome experience at the theaters for the whole family. That’s right – you can watch this movie with you little kids. It will be equally exciting both for adults and for children. With the Mulan official release date in 2019 being 1, 5 years away, the team has more than enough time to deliver a masterpiece.

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