Pacific Rim 2 official release date

Del Toro put a lot of effort into the first Pacific Rim movie and turned it into a success story. And now it’s time for the official sequel, titled Uprising, to deliver an even greater mix of action, thrill, fun, and big, bad robots. When is Pacific Rim 2 movie release date 2018? It’s coming early next year – February 23, 2018, to be exact – to the American and British theaters. Same goes for the majority of European/Asian countries.

Italy, however, will have to wait for a couple of weeks – the premiere is due March 9th. The project has a mighty budget of 150 million US dollars, and that fact alone means we’re in for a real treat. As for the cast, the actors/actresses might not be worldwide stars, but they definitely have the talent and the charisma, and that’s exactly what a movie like this one needs.

It’s Always Calm Before The Storm

The fight between the giant robots and the otherworldly monsters is what this story is all about, and the fans of the original Japanese Kaiju films will most definitely appreciate this approach.  Mid-summer/early autumn is the Pacific Rim 2 DVD release date. True, nothing compares to the premiere and the whole big screen atmosphere and vibe, but a lot of folks will want to include this blockbuster into their collection. So, there you have it.

John Boyega in Pacific Rim: Uprising

Alright, let’s see what the sequel is all about. It’s been a decade since the epic battle that humanity managed to win, and the oceans are relatively still. But the threat is not gone, and something truly horrifying is about to happen.

Fighting The Kaiju Threat With Gigantic Machines

The Jaeger program, the one and only thing that could face the beasts and prevail, has turned into the greatest line of defense in the history of planet Earth. It seems like nothing can stand against it. However, when the invaders return, it’s up to the young generation of pilots to step up and use the glorious machines to protect mankind. The second wave will be stronger and more violent than the first one.

Del Toro said that he wanted chapter two to be bigger, better and more entertaining than the original movie but still keep the “spirit” alive. The Pacific Rim 2 official release date in 2018 is less than half a year away. The follow-up was filmed in China, and filming was completed a couple of months ago. So, basically, the film is ready, and, judging by the success of the original, we bet this one is going to be a big hit next year.

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