Rendel official release date

“Rendell” is a Finnish movie about the superhero that will come out in 2017. According to the Finnish creators, it follows that the superhero will be at least in gloomy design. In the topic below, you will find all known information on the film including the answer to the question: “When is Rendel movie release date 2017?”


It is important to note that J. Haaja, the director, in addition to his post, also was responsible for superhero’s costume. He is also the creator of Rendel.


The protagonist is blinded by hatred and no longer thinks that the concepts of good and evil are relative. Sometimes evil is easily transformed into good, one only need to delay its coming for a while. The same concerns the good nature, which can turn into a universal horror or a vengeful being. Sometimes circumstances do not develop in the best way for weak creatures, these creatures do not stand the test, they break down, someone goes mad with grief, but. The road for some who go further is covered with revenge. There is no point in discussing such behavior because a person makes this decision on his own, especially if he understands that the villain will continue to commit dark deeds. It’s time to monitor the situation in order to choose the right moment for punishment.

Rendel movie

The offender does not feel a sense of remorse. He easily repays, believing that money helps to rule the world, finds an influential lawyer who can easily help to close the case or get a suspended sentence. They do not care about the feelings of people praying for mercy. They do not pay attention to anything, doing unpunished deeds. Of course, the Avenger can also receive punishment, but in this case, he does not care about the moral side. Rendel hates his enemies, nothing is known about his past. What story made the hero choose the warpath? One is known clear – there was a certain tragedy, to which certain persons are involved.

In the USA, Rendel official release date in 2017 is scheduled for September 22.


  • K. Gummerus as Rendel / Rämö
  • R. Rusinen as Rotikka
  • R. Korppila as Lahtaaja

Release date

Rendel DVD release date is unknown. The estimated date for release is November-December 2017.

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