Renegades official release date

Luc Besson is officially back, and he’s got a brand-new self-written and produced movie to prove that: Renegades is one of those blockbusters that mix a little bit of everything – action, adventure, war, thrill – just to make sure the audience appreciates the effort. Alright, let’s answer the #1 question: when is Renegades movie release date 2017? The Americans, the Canadians, the Germans, the Hungarians and a bunch of other nations will be pleased to learn that the movie will arrive on September 1st, 2017.

Sadly, there’s no info about the UK, China, or India release, but it’s safe to assume that the gap won’t be that big. One thing is clear: this film is going to be buzz-worthy, and not because of the so-so plot or the famed production team: J. K. Simmons, one of the greatest actors of our time, and Sullivan Stapleton, Australia’s finest, look great together on the big screen, and if you’re a fan of the Blindspot TV show, you’ll most definitely want to check this movie out. The perfectly paced narrative, never-ending flow of action and impressive CGI effects will leave you speechless.


A Corny Plot And Gripping Action Scenes

So, what is the movie all about? The story follows a top-notch team of elite American Navy SEALS that stumble upon immense reaches in an abandoned Bosnian lake. With a budget of 65 million Euros and funding from the Germans and the French, rest assured that this is going to be an action thriller you don’t want to miss. The Renegades DVD release date is not announced yet, but it will, most likely, arrive early 2018.

However, a bright and explosive movie like this one is best to watch on the big screen with Pepsi and popcorn in your hands and your buddies by your side. Now, the producers have been pushing the release for quite some time now, and there was even some talk about canceling it and moving on. Thankfully, it’s still alive and well and will arrive on the first day of autumn, just as promised.

American Soldiers On Hostile Grounds

Their mission was simple: to deliver a package and make sure that nobody noticed they were even there. However, things went south, and they had to “improvise”. And now they’re back to take back what they left behind – more gold than any of them has ever seen (worth 300 million US dollars). Will the team succeed? Again, the Renegades official release date in 2017 is September 1st, so, make sure to be there when the movie arrives.

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