Shrek 5 official release date

This animated movie was represented in 2001 for the very first time and since then the whole generation of now grown young adults has seen the whole installment. There is definitely good news for those who grew up with Shrek and his friends – there is the fifth installment coming out in the near future and this one is going to revive the old happy memories about the well-known animated franchise. The only question is, when is Shrek 5 movie release date 2019?

Production of the well-known animated movie – are the old characters finally back?

Back in 2010, we thought we got the very last installment in the franchise – fortunately, we were not right. In winter 2014, it was said that the franchise would probably introduce brand new installment soon but the filmmakers did not give away too much information about the exact Shrek 5 DVD release date.

In his last interview, McCullers shared some pieces of unique information about the possible sequel whilst promoting another animated movie project. However, the new installment will be definitely reinvented so that the viewers will see Shrek and his friends from the new never seen focus.


The reason of that is the fact that DreamWorks was sold to Universal so it appears to be the very first Shrek movie having the banner of the last mentioned well-known movie company. The thing is, whether people will like the reinvented Shrek or not.

Interesting facts

  • Even though we know nothing about Shrek 5 official release date in 2019, we are pretty aware of the plot being completely finished, as it was reported by Edie Murphy.
  • The screenwriter of the project created the plots to popular franchise known as Austin Powers starring Mike Myers – he is the one who gave his voice to Shrek.
  • This appears to be the largest gap between installments about kind-hearted ogre.
  • We still did not get the information about the old cast returning to give the voices to their characters. However, it still feels like Murphy will definitely appear in the fifth installment.
  • It is still unknown whether the movie will officially come out in 2019 or 2020 but according to the predictions and that fact that the script is already written, we are hoping it will be 2019.
  • The franchise has many spin-offs, short films, television series and video games that are all based on the main characters’ adventures.
  • The soundtracks of the animated franchise are one of the most popular one (e.g. Livin’ La Vida Loca; Hallelujah).
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