Space Invaders official release date

Back in 1990, the world was amazed by this sci-fi comedy blockbuster. The story was focused on a bloodthirsty war between different species and featured impressive effects, a strong plot and a mighty cast. And now, 28 years later, the official remake is ready to hit the theaters. So, when is Space Invaders movie release date 2018? It’s definitely coming next year. At least, that’s what the producers are saying.

It took them almost 3 decades to perfect the original formula and find that golden balance between paying homage to the “roots” and using all the perks of modern-day technology to deliver a gripping experience for the audience. A team of Martians ends up in the middle of a picturesque town in America (Illinois, to be exact) after their ship survives a wreckage.

Tiny Aliens On Planet Earth

They were fighting a fierce enemy from the neighboring galaxy, and now they’ll have to find their way back home. The aliens land during a mighty Halloween party, and due to their modest height (approximately 4 feet tall), the locals mistake them for children. That’s pretty much all we know about the plot. Yes, it will be heavily based on the 1990 movie and draw its inspiration from that time.

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However, some sources claim that the reboot will take the story from the 20th century to the 21st. Regardless, this film is shaping up to be quite a crowd pleaser, especially for those folks who know and love the original video game. The Space Invaders DVD release date is mid-late 2018, and, as always, the exact date will depend on whether it turns out to be a huge success or not. For example, sometimes it takes the Marvel superhero movies up to 12 months to roll out the DVD edition.

Turning An Old Video Game Into A Blockbuster

Warner Bros has acquired the rights to make a movie based on the ancient game. Hollywood is actually in love with the whole “Let’s turn good old video games into big-time blockbusters” idea. A few years back, we saw the Pixels adaptation. A Tetris movie is also on the way. And 2018 will be conquered by the Space Invaders. The producers are all famous and renowned people in the industry. Mr. Goldsman has worked with many titles, including “Beautiful Mind”.

Mr. Harold, in turn, is known for his contribution to the 2014 banger “Edge of Tomorrow”. By the way, the highly addictive game first came around in 1978. It was pretty primitive and straightforward, but, at that time, it was considered to be a miracle. At the end of the day, video games are not really suited for big-screen adaptations. Yet, if Hollywood sees profit in a certain project, it holds on to it and sees it done. The Space Invaders official release date in 2018 is just around the corner. Let’s hope the team delivers a classic!

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