Speedy Gonzales official release date

In case you didn’t know, this fine gentleman is considered to be the fastest and most agile mouse in Mexico. Yep, he can run faster than any other creature out there; plus, he has an adorable accent that gets stuck in your head. Overall, there are as much as 46 cartoons featuring this unforgettable chap. Recently, Warner Bros. has announced an official movie about the famous mouse.

When is Speedy Gonzales movie release date 2018? Next year, that’s for sure. The exact date is not set yet, but the company is not known for backing down on its promises. Well, we’ll see about that :). They first talked about the possibility of a big-screen adaptation back in 2010. George Lopez, one of the finest comedians of our time, was confirmed as the voice of the main character.

A Hero Trying To Find His True Cause

In 2015, the company reported that an animated movie was in works; a year later, Lopez left the project and Eugenio Derbez joined. Mr. Sokolow and Mr. Cohen, two respected and esteemed screenwriters, will make sure the adaptation goes as smoothly as possible. Speedy’s family has been struggling since he was born, trying to provide for the boy. And now that he’s all grown-up, he wants to help them out.

Speedy Gonzales

Unfortunately, his supernatural speed is a burden, and Speedy ends up messing everything up.  So, he decides to leave his moms and pops and head out into the big, scary world. What will he find there? At the end of the road, the speedy mouse meets a race-car driver. Together, they embark on a life-defining journey and do everything in their power to prove they’ve got what it takes to be victorious.

A Great Animated Movie To Look Forward To

The Speedy Gonzales DVD release date is summer/autumn 2018. Given the fact that it will become available earlier than, say, the new Kung Fu Panda and the new Shrek, we believe this movie might just hit the jackpot. This character is a legend in Mexico. People like Derbez grew up watching Speedy. The man is calling the mouse the advocate of the indigent ones, the hero of the innocent people that are being bullied on every step of the way.

Folks in South America, Europe and all over the world are also fans of this character. Even if you’ve never heard of him, an awesome animated film will always be appreciated, right? Action, adventure, and comedy will come together to create a killer mix for the viewers. It’s great to see legendary characters come back to please the fans today. With the Speedy Gonzales official release date in 2018 less than a year away, it’s time to catch up on the best cartoons and familiarize yourself with the dashing mouse’s charm!

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