Star Wars: Han Solo official release date

The fans of sci-fi/adventure movies know and love the Star Wars universe and the numerous characters that it’s famous for. Han is, without a doubt, one of the finest on-screen heroes in history, and now Hollywood is finally ready to tell his story from the very beginning. So, when is Star Wars: Han Solo movie release date 2018? Is it really coming next year? Yes, it is: the brand-new blockbuster will hit the theaters on May 25, 2018, in the US and the United Kingdom.

Same goes for the majority of European and Asian countries. Italy, by the way, will get to enjoy it two days earlier — on May 23rd. This is going to be an epic space Western, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. We’ve been waiting on it for quite a while now, and, after the success of last year’s Rogue One, it’s safe to say that this experiment is panning out.

Going Back To The Roots

We know that the story is set way before the very first SW movie that came out in 1977. Solo is just a young man, and he’s trying to make a name for himself in the galaxy. And who will play the lead male role? Mr. Alden Ehrenreich, a young yet gifted actor who’s got the looks, the skills and the charisma for an amazing performance.

Alden Ehrenreich in Star Wars: Han Solo

He’ll be joined by world-class actors/actresses like the ridiculously popular Emilia Clarke, the rough-tough Harrelson, Glover, and other celebrities. If you’re not a sucker for theaters and like to watch big-time bangers at home, wait for the official Star Wars: Han Solo DVD release date. It will arrive mid-spring 2018 and will be a great addition to your SW collection.

Keeping The Star Wars Spirit Alive

So, as we just mentioned, Han is a youngen in this movie and, together with Chewbacca, his trusty partner, the lad is stepping into the big world. There was some controversy surrounding the production team for this release: Lord and Miller had been directing it up until June but had to leave due to some creative differences with the producers. Howard is now the big man behind the cameras, and let’s just hope he’ll make sure everything’s alright.

At the end of the day, even if you’ve never liked this franchise, a new Star Wars movie is always too huge of an event to miss out on. Folks at Lucasfilm are working day and night on it, perfecting every single detail. They say over 2.5K actors auditioned for the lead character’s role, and that fact alone proves that this is a very special project. The Star Wars: Han Solo official release date in 2018 is less than a year away, but we’re already counting the days until the premiere.

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