The Conjuring 3 official release date

The first movie in this franchise came out back in 2013 and instantly became a fan favorite. The audience really loved the gripping plot and the exceptional acting. Chapter two hit the theaters in 2016. And now it’s time for the third installment in the series to take your breath away. So, when is The Conjuring 3 movie release date 2018? Nothing’s officially confirmed yet, and the producers simply ask the fans to wait a little bit longer.

Still, it can be said with certainty that late 2018 is when the film will come out. Given the fact that the series is pretty popular and “trendy” right now, it would be a mistake to mess around with it for any longer.  The producers and the director said many times that the Conjuring universe is so big and diverse that there can be numerous new movies with new investigations.

Endless Possibilities For The Story

The screenwriters are extremely happy with the creative freedom that the company is giving them and are all about perfecting their script to make it equally gripping, thrilling, and, of course, horrifying. Mr. James Wan directed the first two chapters, but he’ll probably be too busy for the third one. The plot will take us back to the 1980s and focus on a terrifying case from the past.

The Conjuring 3 poster

The biggest question is – will this be just another case of a haunted house? Definitely not. The team wants to move forward with the franchise and introduce something new with the third movie. The Conjuring 3 DVD release date will be early 2019. Keep in mind, though, that unless you close all the doors, windows, turn the lights off and put on a solid pair of headphones, you won’t get the full experience.

Keeping The Franchise Nice And Fresh

Now, this series turned out to be so successful that Annabelle, another scary film in the Conjuring universe, hit the theaters in 2014. The sequel is set to arrive this year. Furthermore, there are other spin-offs including the upcoming 2018 blockbuster, The Nun. What started as just a regular story has turned into a huge thing. And that’s great. There’s even a possibility of future crossovers! By the way, the original Conjuring grossed ~320 million US dollars with a pretty modest budget.

Chapter two proved to be just as fascinating and received rave reviews both from the critics and the regular fans, which is a rare thing in the industry (especially when it comes to horrors). With the third installment, they want to switch things up a bit and maybe even introduce werewolves. That could definitely work for this franchise. Safran, the producer for the upcoming movie, is all about embracing new opportunities to keep the audience happy. The Conjuring 3 official release date in 2018 is going to be marvelous!

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