The Croods 2 official release date

If you want to know – when is The Croods 2 movie release date 2018? Then you should look through the article below. Here you will find all known details about the upcoming animation and much more. Here we go!

The second part of the fascinating fantasy cartoon “Croods 2” continues the narrative of the life and adventures of a friendly prehistoric family. In those days, when these amazing people lived, the planet was completely different from what we used to see it today! It was still too young, it appearance only formed, and next to the first people lived the most fantastic animals. People were also very different from today, but even then they knew that the main thing in life is love and family values!


The film is directed by Chris Sanders. He is famous for “Lilo and Stitch,” “Mulan.”

The Croods 2 official release date in 2018 is expected for the first part of the year.

The Croods Family

Croods Family News

The family actively explores new lands, which had to be resettled because of problems at the former place of residence. But even here they cannot live peacefully, because around so much interesting and unexplored, the young planet gives such a vast scope for discoveries! It is especially interesting for the young generation, who does not want peace at all. But discoveries are not only positive. Heroes of the animated film have to face and with considerable dangers. But these adventures only strengthen the members of the clan, allowing them to show the wonders of resourcefulness, dexterity and mutual assistance.

A key to success

The heroes of the comedy film “Croods 2” have long realized that the main thing in their wanderings and overcoming dangers is always to stay together, not to let each other down and remember that they are members of one friendly family. If you think first of all not about your own interests, but about the welfare of your neighbor, then neither predatory animals, natural disasters, dangerous situations, into which they enter with enviable constancy due to their restlessness and love for studying everything unknown, are not terrible.

DVD release date

The Croods 2 DVD release date is expected for the beginning of 2018.

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