The Current War official release date

Whenever biography and history come together, mixed with some drama and “spiced up” with top-notch acting, we can at least hope for a memorable experience at the movies. This is one of those must-see films and will, without a doubt, create a lot of noise worldwide. So, when is The Current War movie release date 2017? Is it even coming this year? Yep, it is, but only in America: the US folks will be able to check it out on December 22nd, while the United Kingdom theaters will get the “green light” a year later. Well, technically, January 5th (2018) is only two weeks away. Say, in Germany, this epic chart-topper will only arrive on the 12th of April. Now, that’s a ridiculous date!

An Epic Rivalry Between Two Geniuses

Alright, let’s see what this film is all about, shall we? The story follows the legendary Edison, the man who single-handedly brought electricity into every home in the United States, a brilliant scientist, and his rivalry with Westinghouse, an engineer, and an entrepreneur. The goal was to beat the competition and to be the first one to produce a sustainable system that could be sold to the regular American folks. Edison is a known historical figure, but Westinghouse is not really that famous, even though he did play a vital role in making sure that we’ve got electricity in pretty much every corner of the world today. Thankfully, this historical drama is doing a great job of bringing his story to the viewers.

The Current War movie

A Mighty Cast To Die For

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about The Current War DVD release date, but that’s a normal thing in the industry, especially if we take into consideration the fact that it’s not going to be available at the movies for six months (and the DVD always comes after the film hits the theaters). No trailer either and that’s actually a pity because the cast includes the ever-charismatic and ever-poignant Benedict Cumberbatch and the now-legendary Michael Shannon (these two brilliant actors are portraying Edison and his competitor).

They’ll be “accompanied” by one of the most talented young actors on planet Earth right now – the already-famous Nicholas Hoult and the up-and-coming Tom Holland (he’s the new Spider-Man, by the way). The bottom line is – if celebrity packed, nicely shot and well-directed historical events that had a great impact on our lives today interest you enough to spend your hard-earned bucks and go to the movies, make sure to mark The Current War official release date in 2017 on your calendar!

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