The Glass Castle official release date

If you are a sucker for biographical dramas and Brie Larson’s exceptional artistic talent, then you’ll fall in love with this beautiful story. It’s heavily based on the best-selling heart-wrencher of the same name by the lovely Jeannette Walls. The award-winning Naomi Watts and the ever-smiling Mr. Harrelson are also officially confirmed as the leading actor/actress. Now let’s see when is The Glass Castle movie release date 2017: In America, this captivating drama will become available in less than two months – on August 11th.

However, for some mysterious reason, the United Kingdom folks will have to wait till October 6th. Germany, Spain, and France are set for a late September release. Unfortunately, there’s no info on the Indian, Chinese and/or Canadian dates. Lionsgate is the official distributor of The Glass Castle, so, if you’re unhappy with the movie’s late arrival in your country, you can take it up with them :). By the way, they acquired the rights to the original book back in 2012, and Larson was confirmed as the leading star in 2015.

The Glass Castle movie

A Gripping, Moving Family Drama

So, the Glass Castle official release date in 2017 is just around the corner, and it looks like this movie will be one of the finest ones this summer. The film is centered on a struggling family, a man who’s doing everything he can to put food on the table, his wife, and their beautiful little children. After the officials evict them from their own house, Rex, the husband, decides to renovate a shabby house and turn it into a beautiful place to live.

That was a thrilling adventure for his kiddos, and now that Jeannette, one of the girls, is all grown up, she feels like there’s something missing from her life. The young woman has a job and a handsome boyfriend, but she’s not really that happy, even though she does live in a fancy apartment while her parents have to do with an abandoned building.

Like Father, Like Daughter

The official trailer that came out recently proves that the production team did a wonderful job with the adaptation and Larson looks great with Harrelson. This is a tale of a father and a little girl, their hopes, dreams, ups, and downs. Even though Jeannette blames him for all the misfortunes in their lives, she still loves him more than any other person in the whole world. We don’t have the Glass Castle DVD release date yet, folks, but, in all fairness, a masterpiece like this one is best to be enjoyed on the big screen.

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