The Incredibles 2 official release date

Today we will talk about the upcoming novelty, the second part to the cartoon movie “The Incredibles,” which is directed by the Brad Bird and produced by Pixar. A fantastic cartoon about the adventures of the superfamily in 2018 will continue. As you remember from the first part, dad and mom of three children, Helen and Bob Parr, in the past were superheroes, but gradually retired and decided to lead a very ordinary life. Of course, the heroes could not have had ordinary children, and Helen and Bob diligently teach their children to control superpowers and cope with any problems.  In the topic below, you can find all necessary information about the movie including the answer to the question: “When is The Incredibles 2 movie release date 2018?” Here we go!


The first part, appeared on screens in the distant 2004, received positive responses from both critics and spectators. In addition, the cartoon “The Incredibles” received the Oscar for the best-animated film.

As for the production cost, with a budget of $ 92 million Pixar grossed 602 million around the world.

The Incredibles 2 poster

According to Brad Bird, the studio already has a script and a general storyline, now the work on creating animation is in full swing, the sequel will definitely be worthy and even better than the first part. The former team works on the second part.

In the United States, The Incredibles 2 official release date in 2018 is scheduled for June 15.


The main characters of the animated film are Parr family. This family is not an ordinary one. Their father Bob – Mr. Incredible, has strong power as Hulk. His wife, Helen, is able to stretch and deform her body, as you want, so she was called Elastigirl. Their children are Violet, Dash, and the younger Jack. Jack has a whole set of super abilities – he can turn into a monster, become metallic and take the form of Thunderball. Now and then they have to fight with different villains.

In the continuation, the family of the Mr. Incredible will fall into the expanded universe. There they will face a new enemy and make new friends.

Release date

The Incredibles 2 DVD release date is planned for August 15, 2018, in the USA.

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