The Lego Movie 2 official release date

The Lego franchise has been around for centuries, and it’s slowly, but steadily conquering the big screen and the video game industry. The first movie came out in 2014; the official spin-off came out this year. So, when is The Lego Movie 2 movie release date 2019? Initially, they wanted to hit the theaters as early as February 2017 but had to delay due to some production difficulties.

The new date is February 8, 2019, for America and the United Kingdom. Germany will get to check it out a day earlier; France will have to wait for another week for the premiere. Back in 2014, the studio announced that the chapter 2 was already in the works and that Stern/Morgan were on screenwriting duty. Then, the date was set to March 2017. Mr. Chris Pratt, the man behind the character Emmet’s voice, said he’d be happy to return to his role.

Perfecting The Movie On Every Step Of The Way

The producers wanted to introduce more female characters to the series, but Emmet was still a part of the “cast”. After the Lego Batman came out, the team behind the project revealed that the events of LM2 would take place almost half a decade after the original’s story. In 2015, the big bosses changed the title to The Lego Movie Sequel (probably to avoid confusion with the Bats and the Ninja spin-offs).

The Lego Movie Sequel

The Lego Movie 2 DVD release date is July-August 2019, so, if you’re a fan of video collections, mark mid/late summer on your calendar. The story will follow Emmet and his lovely sister, their journey together in a mysterious reality. Back in 2016, a few key players left the project, and new folks were hired to “work some magic” on the already existing script. Does that mean the producers weren’t 100% happy with it? Definitely. But that does NOT mean the final result will be disappointing.

A Good Family Movie Is Worth The Wait

The movie industry is full of such scenarios – it’s just a part of the process. True, we’re pretty far from the theatrical release, and a lot can change in the following years. But, we’re sure the sequel will be worth the wait. A good mix of action, adventure, comedy, and drama is always welcomed, especially by parents with little kids.

These movies give us a chance to connect with our kiddos and have a great time together. The Lego Movie 2 official release date in 2019 is, once again, February 8th, and it’s going to be an epic blockbuster, mark our words. Yes, the fans wanted to see the film this year, or, at least, early 2018, but it is what it is. Emmet is just a regular fella; yet, for some reason, the world thinks that he’s special. They want him to save the world and be a hero. But how can an average guy do that? We’ll all learn at the premiere!

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