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Let’s clear one thing right from the start, ladies, and gentlemen: this used to be the new (and officially confirmed) title for the weird-yet-exciting James Franco-produced (and directed) The Disaster Artist movie – they changed it in 2016 (in April, to be exact). Yet, in March 2017, when this explosive film premiered at the latest SXSW, Franco changed it back. Yep, it is pretty confusing 🙂 The biggest question – when is The Masterpiece movie release date 2017? Fortunately, it does has a set date, and that’s December 8th for the United States (there will be a limited release on December 1st, but it won’t be available nation-wide).

Canada, the UK, and other western countries are confirmed to receive it on 2017, but no specific dates are set yet. Now, in 2014, it was announced that James and Dave Franco (yes, they’re brothers) will play the heroes of the movie and that the elder bruv would also produce and direct it. Thankfully, none of that has changed since, and we’ll get to see the two Franco gents on the big screen at the end of the year. The mighty cast also includes the gorgeous Zoey Deutch and the insanely-popular Zac Efron.

The Masterpiece movie

When Is The DVD Coming?

Hands down, this will be one hell of an exciting premiere, and with the industry being kinda stuck without any fresh ideas, we bet Franco’s brand-new effort will turn a lot of heads. The movie is hitting the theaters in December; so, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that The Masterpiece DVD release date is not announced yet. It all depends on its success, actually – let’s wait and see. (If it blows up in a good way, the DVD might be stalled for as long as six months).

A Breath Of Fresh Air

So, what’s this movie all about? The plot follows the real events that took place a while ago, back when Sestero, a striving young artist, met Wiseau, the man who single-handedly created the now-legendary 2003 “masterpiece”, “The Room”. The critics are calling it the worst film they’ve ever seen, the exact opposite of Citizen Kane and an all-around tasteless piece of…art.

However, it did bring these fellas international success, and their true story definitely deserves to be brought to the modern-day generation. Alright, we’ve discussed The Masterpiece official release date in 2017, which is December 8th in America, the wonderful cast and the fun and engaging plot. If the movie lives up to the expectations, we’ll have a new classic on our hands. Will James Franco deliver on his promises?

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