The Maze Runner 3 The Death Cure official release date

The first part of “The Maze Runner” was filmed in 2014. The film showed an excellent financial result. Despite the fact that it was shot by debutant Wes Ball without attracting popular actors, it raised $340 million at the box office with a budget of 34 million. The second film paid off already at the second weekend of its release. So the answer to the question, when is The Maze Runner 3 The Death Cure movie release date 2018, depends only on how quickly it will be possible to start shooting but approximate date is February 2018. Moreover, Wes Ball is also busy shooting a large-scale Danish saga.


  • The director is Wes Ball.
  • The script is written by T.S. Nowlin.
  • John Paesano is a composer of the film.
  • Gyula Pados is a cinematographer.
  • Dan Zimmerman is a film editor.
  • Daniel T. Dorrance is a production designer.

The Maze Runner 3 The Death Cure official release date in 2018 is planned for February 9.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dylan O'Brien, and Rosa Salazar in Maze Runner: The Death Cure


Recall that the events of the trilogy unfold in the near future. After the outbreaks on the Sun, the whole Earth is caught in fires. Millions of people perish in the fire, then many people die from hunger and disease. The survivors are afraid to get infected with a terrible virus, which allegedly escaped from the laboratory during the period of general chaos. This virus is called “Flare.” It acts on the central nervous system of people, turning them into aggressive, fast and cruel creatures that can only kill and destroy. But the corporation “WICKED” is busy searching for a cure for this disease.

At least that’s how its representative, Dr. Ava Page, informed the adolescents who got out of the Labyrinth. These guys have natural immunity against “Flare,” their reactions to extreme situations are very important for researchers – this is the official version. But in fact, the truth is that corporations need enzymes produced by their organisms. It was this terrible truth that Thomas with his friends learned at the end of the film “The Scorch Trials.” Now Thomas has to return to the “WICKED” laboratory, save his friend Minho and stop the ruthless corporation.

DVD release date

The Maze Runner 3 The Death Cure DVD release date is expected for April 9, 2018, in the United States.

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