The Maze Runner: The Death Cure official release date


Fox studio and director Wes Ball revealed official details about the upcoming film. The main roles will be performed by D. O’Brien, D. Darden, K. Scodelario, T. Sängster. In the article below, you can find information about the movie and also the answer to the question: “When is The Maze Runner: The Death Cure movie release date 2018?”


The unpredictable happy end of the second part left a lot of questions, what will happen next with the main characters when the sequel comes out.

It is known that the third part, like all the previous ones, is based on the novels of James Dashner. Its original name is “The Death Cure.” It is also known that only one-third of the book is included in the script, that’s why the chronology of events will differ from the original book. The picture will be filled with more gloomy events with a minimum of sentimentalism. It is assumed that the entire shooting process will take place in Vancouver.

The second part of the film grossed $312 million with a budget of only 61 million, this indicated that the continuation is inevitable, and the shooting started in February 2016.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dylan O'Brien, and Rosa Salazar in Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Actions of the third part unfold after one year, according to the director Wes Ball, some changes will happen outside the framework of the film, but this will give the new film, even more, enthusiasm, it will be even more interesting than its predecessors.

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure official release date in 2018 is scheduled for February 9.


Once an ordinary guy, Thomas was in a strange place – Glade, surrounded by a Labyrinth, constantly changing its structure. Here lived about fifty other teenagers like him. Once they decided to escape from this place because they were sure that freedom is waiting for them behind the Labyrinth. But when they got out of there, they saw that the world had changed: now they had to overcome also a hot desert with dilapidated buildings. Not all of the heroes of the movie managed to survive: in the desert, they met some people suffering from a severe incurable disease. Now that Thomas’s friends infected by this disease, he had to go in search of a cure for it.

Release date

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure DVD release date is planned for April 9, 2018, in the USA.

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