Even if the proper trailer to the upcoming British movie has not come out yet, people already …" />

The Snowman official release date

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Even if the proper trailer to the upcoming British movie has not come out yet, people already have a lot of details about the plot as the brand new project was successfully based on the novel of the same title. The question that currently often appears on the Internet is, when is The Snowman movie release date 2017? According to the confirmed information, the film is scheduled for its first American release on 20 October in 2017. The company that will organize that is Universal Pictures.

The production of the movie officially started in 2013 when Martin Scorsese – American director of Italian origin – agreed to direct brand new adaptation of the book named The Snowman. In fact, it was presented to the public in 2007 originally written by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø. The principal photography of the film started in the middle of January 2016. It took places in different locations all around Norway, such as Oslo, Rjukan area, and others.


Besides being aware and officially informed about The Snowman DVD release date we clearly know about the storyline of the book adaptation. According to the author, the book follows the events starting from 1980 where a woman, who is actually married and has a teenage son, in the middle of the day goes to her lover leaving her son in the car to wait for her.

The Snowman movie

Whilst having sex with the lover both got disturbed as they notice someone is watching them from outside the window. Afterward, they realize it was only a big snowman. Just like other books of Jo, the whole significance of the scene becomes clearly understandable only at the very end of the book alongside other flashbacks of the main character – Harry Hole.

Interesting details

The main plot of the upcoming British movie is actually set in the early 2000s. Harry is a Norwegian detective whose task is to investigate a chain of murders of the women that took place all around Oslo. Among being aware of The Snowman official release date in 2017 we are also told that Harry notices that each murder has set of particular things which repeat.

In fact, the women who are murdered are all married mothers and after each murder, there is a snowman suddenly appearing in front of someone’s window or somewhere else. All the ladies are being killed in a similar way which makes Harry realize this is the first dangerous serial killer in Norway. But it becomes difficult to track the killer as all his victims are vanished by the snowfall.

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