Victoria and Abdul official release date

It’s a known fact that the British folks really love two things: to praise their Queens and to shoot epic movies about them. This is one of those historical dramas that take us back to the time when the Great Britain was, well, truly great and used to rule the entire world.

Alright, so, when is Victoria and Abdul movie release date 2017? For obvious reasons, the UK will get to check this new masterpiece out before the United States – on September 15th. In America, the film will arrive a week later (on September 22nd, that is). The French will have to wait until October 4; in Chile, this comedy/drama is set to hit the theaters on December 14th.

Can A Queen Truly Be Friends With A Servant?

Did you know that the movie is heavily base on the best-selling book of the same name? Well, that’s true and it’s centered on Victoria, one of the most famous and contradictory Queens in history and her unusual friendship with a clerk, a servant from India – Abdul. Obviously, her family and the nation didn’t really approve of it at first, but the Queen didn’t really care what others thought of her.

Victoria and Abdul movie

What started as just a regular official thing soon turned into a moving and touching relationship that allowed Victoria to see the world from a different angle and be happy again. This isn’t a work of fiction, ladies, and gentlemen, but a historical fact, which will make it that much more exciting to see what really happened between the Queen and the Indian man when this historical epic finally arrives.

A Fun Historical Drama For The Masses

In case you were wondering about the Victoria and Abdul DVD release date, we’re sorry to report that there’s no officially set date yet. It will most certainly become available online and on DVD/Blu-ray disks, but just not today. Judi Dench is considered to be one of the greatest English actresses of all time. She’s a living legend, you could say, and she’s pretty much the perfect pick for this role. Ali Fazal did a great job portraying the engaging Indian man, and they look great together on the big screen.

Victoria was grumpy, pushy, and a bit eccentric, but she was also a very smart woman and had her nation’s best interests at heart. If you’ve seen the trailer, then you already know that there will be enough drama, epic, and fun to get even the laziest audience excited. With the Victoria and Abdul official release date in 2017 less than three months away, it’s time to get ourselves ready for the premiere!

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