World War Z 2 official release date

Fantastic horror film “The World War Z 2” is the sequel to the movie “World War Z,” which tells of the invasion of zombies. Infection of a person occurs 11 seconds after a bite. Zombies do not exceed humanity in strength and speed but turned into an unreasonably vicious and aggressive one. The invasion of the zombie turned into a huge destruction for people. Did humanity really fail to cope with monsters? In the topic below you will find the answer to this question and many others including the answer to the question: “When is World War Z 2 movie release date 2018?” Here we go!


According to Empire on April 27, 2017, David Fincher will be the director of the sequel to the movie about the zombies “World War Z.”.

It should be noted that the first part could become a failure, as the participants in its creation have encountered certain difficulties: Marc Forster’s (the director of the first film) conflict with the lead actor and producer Brad Pitt, a significant deviation from the finale described in the original source but everything went well and the picture grossed at the box office more than $540 million.

World War Z 2 official release date in 2018 is planned for the first part of the year.

Brad Pitt in World War Z


Gerry Lane is facing a dangerous mission – to prevent infection that threatens the entire population of the Earth. The disease turns a person into a zombie. The man is confident that he can prevent the dangerous consequences of the disease. It is necessary to find the source of the infection, then stop the infected individuals. The last one is enough to scratch or bite a healthy person so that after a short time he turns into a bloodthirsty monster. For many years, there has been a struggle against the dead and living people, but it’s impossible to stop the zombies. The use of weapons is meaningless, the antidote for mutation has not yet been found, and the infection has spread throughout the globe. Changes in the body are irreversible, the infected person feels the desire to kill. Studies in the field of antidote development are continuing, but scientists cannot produce any results. The number of mutants continues to increase, survivors continue to survive.


Brad Pitt will play the main role. He also starred in the original film.  His partner in the film will be Christian Lazar.

DVD release date

World War Z 2 DVD release date is planned for August 2018, in the United States. We look forward to its release.

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