Wreck It Ralph 2 official release date

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The directors of the continuation of the original cartoon, which brought its creators considerable income, will be Phil Johnston and Rich Moore. “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is the original name of the project.

The first part was filmed by Rich Moore, who now already has his own “Oscar” for “Zootopia.” In general, before Ralph, he was part of the team of creators of such animated series as “The Simpsons” and Futurama.

Phil Johnston is still more known only as a screenwriter. He still does not have his own personal Oscar, but he was also part of the friendly team of the authors of the “Zootopia.” Even before Ralph, he wrote a comedy text for director Miguel Arteta (“Youth in Revolt”) with Ed Helms (“The Hangover”) in the title role of “Cedar Rapids.” After “Ralph” and “Zootopia” Phil Johnston had not hesitated to “explode reputation,” being involved in the comedy “The Brothers Grimsby” with Sasha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong in the lead roles.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

The script for the second part of “Ralph” will be written, in fact, by Phil Johnston and Pamela Ribon.

A girl, who has taken the initiative to give children and adults happiness in the form of creating an attractive story for new adventures of favorite animation characters, not so long ago, was noted by the “Lost Village,” the one that is about “Smurfs” and “Moana.” And she was previously involved in the creation of a documentary about the “Bears,” where, by the way, the voiceover text was read by John C. Reilly.

In the US, Wreck It Ralph 2 official release date in 2018 is planned for November 21.


As for the plot, this time all the heroes of the cartoon are waiting for another incredible journey through the expanses of virtual worlds. And if earlier they “traveled”in slot machines, now they have to “get acquainted” with the vast spaces of the “World Wide Web.” The main thing is not to get confused!

DVD release date

Wreck It Ralph 2 DVD release date is expected for January 21, 2019, in the United States.

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