X-Men The New Mutants official release date

It seems like in 2018 we are going to see brand new movie supporting X-Men universe. According to the filmmakers and the companies that develop the project, the installment will be completely different comparing to other films about the men with super powers. The only question is, when is X-Men The New Mutants movie release date 2018?


The installment is going to represent the completely new story of a group of young mutants. They are trying so hard to learn how to control the super power they have gotten. They pose the threat to each other, as well as other people before they actually learn how to deal and control the power they are now having and have to live with it the rest of their lives.

Development of the movie – is it a horror movie?

We are truly lucky to be completely aware of X-Men The New Mutants DVD release date, as well as some interesting sides of the development. The filming of the project is supposed to start in July 2017. In fact, this is going to a complicated story about five young mutants trying to save themselves instead of saving the world as people got used to.

The New Mutants

The production of the movie was announced in May 2015 and since then the filmmakers, as well as the team of screenwriters, have been looking for a perfect cast to represent young mutants dealing with the problems that are not commonly present in the lives of ordinary teenagers.

Interesting facts

  • The production of the movie applying brand new style and genre is scheduled to start in July 2017
  • The cast of the movie is made of well-known actors and actresses from popular television film series Game of Thrones. Besides, there will be an actor known for filming in recent Netflix series based on a book known as 13 Reasons Why
  • This is supposed to be the fourth appearance of British actor James McAvoy in the franchise
  • The working title of the upcoming probably horror installment is “Growing Pains”
  • According to the X-Men The New mutants official release date in 2018, the movie should come out in all American theaters in the spring 2018 – probably, it will be the middle of April
  • It is based on the well-known comic book series and is considered to be spin-off of the main franchise about the men with the extraordinary powers they use in order to save the world
  • The movie is filmed at the same time with many other X-Men installments across different sports in America and Canada
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