List of best Argentine movies to watch

A fascinating and exciting movie with mysticism, adventure and love stories is loved by everyone. We present TOP 10 best Argentine movies to watch. The country is famous all over the world for its magnificent nature, dazzling beauties, incendiary music, and dances. In Argentina, they are able to shoot sentimental melodramas, incredible action movies, light entertaining pictures, westerns and crime dramas. You are waiting for stories about kidnappings, fierce fighting, love tragedies and happy salvation. The most incredible adventures of the heroes will make you worried!

List of best Argentine movies to watch

Nine Queens

  1. The Fish Child (2009)

The plot of the thrilling melodramatic thriller is based on the eponymous novel by the famous Argentine writer Lucia Puenzo and tells us the life story of the two girls. One of them is Lala, who lives in the exclusive area of Buenos Aires, and the second named La Guayi works as a regular maid. Together they dream to live quietly in a quiet place on the beautiful shore of the lake. But, one day, there is a terribly tragic event – they kill Lala’s own father…

  1. The secret in their eyes (2009)

In the plot of a dramatic thriller after retirement, Benjamin Esposito, a judicial adviser, decided to write a novel based on a real criminal case, the investigation of which he was engaged in twenty-five years ago. In the distant 1974, Esposito was commissioned to investigate a case involving the rape and murder of a young woman in a district of the city.

The husband of the murdered woman, Ricardo Morales, most of all wants to catch the killer and sent to prison for life sentence. Realizing the suffering of Morales, Esposito promises him to catch the criminal. Together with his friend and colleague Pablo, as well as with the new court secretary, in the person of the beautiful and charming Irene Hastings, Esposito begins an investigation of an intricate affair that will greatly affect his future life.

  1. Suddenly (2002)

The hard life of Marcia is in the TOP 10 best Argentine movies for families.

A young fat woman, a saleswoman, Marcia, who lives a mundane and gray life in Buenos Aires, is suddenly kidnapped by a pair of punk girls calling themselves Mao and Lenin. They put her in a car and drive her to a sea that Marcia never saw. Their journey, filled with imagination and humor, is becoming increasingly strange due to unforeseen events happening to them.

  1. Crónica de unafuga (2006)

The plot of the film is based on real events that occurred in 1977 in Argentina. The time of a tough military dictatorship in the country is reflected in its inhabitants. Every suspect or freethinker is in the hands of a special detachment, working for tyrannical leaders of the state. Such people also are torturedand after killed. A simple kid and goalkeeper of a little-known football team Claudio Tamburini isunder suspicion of terrorism, after which he is arrested and sent to a camp for prisoners.

A few people know about the existence of this secret place, but what is happening within its walls it is better not to know. Claudio is subjected to interrogations and cruel torture, humiliation, and violence, which destroys his psyche and soul. In addition to Claudio, other prisoners also go through the torments of hell. Realizing that in this eerie place there is no chance to stay alive, four young guys decide on a desperate step – escape.

  1. The Aura (2005)

The hero is beyondthe good and evil. He is a taxidermist, who has epilepsy. Aura is a syncope preceding a sudden epileptic seizure, a moment of clinical death, a malfunction of consciousness, loss of identity. It is no accident that the hero’s name is never pronounced. It is no accident that he is engaged in the production of stuffed animals. Loner and introvert, he only lives by thinking over and over in his mind the ideal – bloodless – inconspicuous – robberies. Until there is a chance to carry out the plan and experience the fatal difference between the desired and the real. Having gone hunting, the hero accidentally kills a man, mixing it with the game. The victim is a criminal type, who, shortly before his death, prepared a plan for a raid on the armored truck. The unnamed hero steps into his place…

  1. Los Muertos

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best Argentine movies for all time.

In the center of the story is the short story of Mr. Vargas, who was only released from the Argentine prison, where he spent many years for the murder of his brothers, went in search of his own daughter. In essence, except for a couple of philosophical dialogues in prison, sex scenes with a prostitute, buying a gift for a daughter and killing a goat in the movie, nothing happens, so it’s worth getting ready before you start watching.

Before watch the films by Lisandro Alonso, you really need to grow: to get over new-fashioned blockbusters, to learn sense deep dramas, slowly to plunge into the hard world of movie-statements – and only then with a heavy load of watched tapes and a proven skill of searching for the true meaning to watch such a movie, not afraid to drown in a train of thoughts or to fall asleep from an irresistible longing.

  1. XXY (2007)

Before us is a difficult movie, showing the difficulties of sexual self-identification of 15-year-old Alex. The main character of the drama is simultaneously female and male genital organs. Parents raise her as a girl, Alex tries to get used to the situation, but cannot finally accept her peculiarity. One day, the mother and father bring their child to their summer cottage and invite their friends – spouses who live in another city. They came with the son Alvaro, who immediately attracts the attention of the heroine. Teenagers spend a lot of time together and soon decide on asexual relationship, not even suspecting what the consequences will be.

  1. The Clan (2015)

One of the best in the TOP 10 best modern Argentine films.

The plot of the crime drama is based on real events from the life of the simple Argentine family Puccio, whose members kidnapped people for the purpose of profit from ransom. The film takes place in 1982 in Buenos Aires. For many years, Archimedes Puccio was an employee of the special services and worked for the good of the country. He was used to living in comfort in the rich suburb of Buenos Aires, where his family lives in a mansion. But times of brutal dictatorship have ended and in the state democracy reigns and with it new orders.

Arquímedes is left without work, which forces him to seek a new kind of earnings for a comfortable family life. Without thinking twice, Arquímedes finds a new occupation – kidnapping rich people for ransom.

  1. Neruda (2016)

The inspector chases the Chilean poet and Nobel laureate, Pablo Neruda, who becomes suspected of joining the Communist Party in the 1940s.

  1. Nine Queens (2000)

One early morning, Marcos, who deceives everyone, including his own sister Valerie and Federico, notices Juan, a childish and pleasant swindler. Everything has changed since then.

TOP is coming to an end.

Hope that our compilation helped you find the answer to the question – what is the best Argentine movies?

Thank you for being with us!

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