List of best Aviation movies to watch

Many people are afraid to fly in airplanes as passengers. But how difficult is it for those who are at the helm? Therefore, the TOP 10 best Aviation movies to watch is primarily movies about the strong spirit and brave people. And it does not matter who this pilot is – an eccentric billionaire or a war hero because in any case, his courage is beyond doubt. Beautiful flights, steep curves, exciting adventures of heroes will amaze you. The main thing – do not forget to fasten seat belts before watching movies about aviators. It may be that watching will be exciting but dangerous as flying on a real plane! Here we go!

List of best Aviation movies to watch

Pearl Harbor (2001)

  1. Ekipazh (2016)

Alexei Gushchin is a young and very talented pilot who does not recognize any authority and always acts as he wants. For non-compliance with the absurd order, he was expelled from military aviation and lost the opportunity to do what he liked. But one day, in some incredible way, he again got a chance to rise in the sky in a civilian plane. Thus began his new flight life. Now he works together with mentor Leonid Zinchenko, severe captain of the airliner, and co-pilot Alexandra, an impregnable beauty. Relations with the new team are not quite simple, but one day, at the edge of life, Alexei shows everything he can do…

  1. Non-Stop (2014)

Going on a regular flight from New York to London, the main hero of the action movie – former employees of the Federal Service Bill Marks did not even know that this international flight will be the most terrible in his entire life. In the line of duty, Bill has long been accustomed to fly, but cannot stand crowds of people at the airport, vanity and long flights, where he cannot relax and drink, which he loves to do after the death of his daughter and divorce with his wife.

While working as an air marshal, he must monitor the safety of passengers, but on a flight from New York to London, it becomes very difficult to carry out his duties. A mysterious stranger sends Bill text messages to the phone, which requires transferring $150 million to the account, otherwise every 20 minutes one of the passengers will die. The situation is complicated by the first murder.

  1. Red Eye (2005)

The fateful meeting is in the TOP 10 best modern Aviation films.

In the story of the thriller directed by Wes Craven, the young girl Lisa works up her nerves before the flight, because most of all in life she is afraid to fly on airplanes. She will have a long flight from Texas to Miami. Meeting at the airport with a cute guy Jackson Rippner was fatal. Joint waiting for the flight, pleasant conversations and mutual sympathy, seemed to brighten up the flight. Lovely, charming Jackson is Lisa’s neighbor on board the plane.

Soon the guy shows his real face – the face of a criminal and a member of a terrorist group, which should make Lisa execute several errands. In case of refusal to cooperate, the terrorists will kill her father, who was captured at his home in Miami. Lisa is in a desperate situation, locked on board an aircraft from where it is impossible to escape. This night flight turns for the girl into a nightmare that she will remember for life.

  1. Kandagar (2010)

The psychological drama is based on real events that occurred in 1995 with the Russian crew of the Il-76 jet transport aircraft, which, during the transportation of ammunition, was intercepted by a fighter and grounded in Afghanistan in the city of Kandahar. The crew of five people was taken prisoner by the Taliban and was kept in custody for more than a year, more precisely 378 days. Against the backdrop of the real extreme state of things, clashes take place between the crew, all hidden grievances and oppressed ambitions are revealed.

For over a year ordinary people, not super heroes from action movies, tried to survive in this God-forgotten place called Kandahar, tried not to betray themselves, their values, faith and their country, which left the pilots to fend for themselves. Heroes Aren’t Born, They’re Made! So the heroism of this crew manifested itself in consistency and devotion. They were tired of waiting for the resolution of the conflict between diplomats and ambassadors and decided on a brave and desperate step.

  1. Top Gun (1986)

In the plot of the feature film, young pilot Pete Mitchell arrives at the school of elite troops of the US Navy. Among the many best pilots in the US, he must prove his superiority. Mitchell is well trained and becomes an excellent pilot. He is a born pilot who has a gift from God, and in the sky, he is guided by his instincts and air combat skills, which allows him to skillfully fly.

During the exercises, Mitchell gets the nickname Maverick and becomes one of the best pilots. He falls in love with the instructor of the school, a charming girl named Charlie, but her heart still has to be conquered. However, there is a tragedy. During the training battle, his friend and companion nicknamed Goose dies, and moreover, the best shooter Maverick is constantly tormented by memories of the deceased father.

  1. Independence Day (1996)

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best Aviation movies for all time.

A fantastic action movie tells about the desire of aliens to conquer the Earth and destroy the human species. The plot is not new, but for 1996 it is quite suitable, especially considering special effects and scale. On Earth come huge spacecraft of alien origin. Ships use super-powerful weapons and start destroying cities, leaving behind some ruins.

The planet is filled with horror and panic, but as usual, there are a couple of heroes who are ready to defend their rights and engage in battle with their enemies. In their hands is the life of all mankind. Oh yeah, the decisive battle with aliens takes place on July 4 – the day of US independence.

  1. Flightplan (2005)

The plot of the detective thriller tells the terrible story that happened on board the plane with an ordinary woman Kylie Pratt. Having survived the death of her husband, Kylie, along with six-year-old daughter Julia, goes from Berlin to New York. The flight is performed by a modern aircraft on board which Kyle’s little daughter disappears without a trace. After falling asleep for a few hours after awakening, Kylie cannot find Julia, the girl disappeared without a trace. The crew conducts active searches, but they do not bring any result.

Passengers do not remember the child, and the crew claims that Julia was not on board the plane. After the tragedy, Kylie starts thinking about her sanity, maybe the child is an invention of her crazymind?

  1. The English Patient (1996)

The actions of the dramatic film take place during the Second World War. Above the Sahara Desert, a plane was shot down by German soldiers. Local Bedouins find the wreckage of the plane and save another living, but very badly burned pilot. They take care of him, but without knowing the name of the man they call him just an English patient. Later he is sent to Italy, where he is nursed by the nurse Hana in the hospital.

Seeing that the patient is slowly fading away, she remains next to him to listen to his love story with a married woman and the events that preceded the firing of his aircraft. In the hospital there is another person who passed through the hellish torment of the Nazis, together with the nurse Hana, he listens to the story of a dying man. Fate did not in vain bring these two men in one place.

  1. Con Air (1997)

“Con Air” is a transport unit of the US police, carrying particularly dangerous criminals. One of these flights returns home Cameron Poe, released after eight years from prison. He waited so long for this and nothing should stop him on his way home. Suddenly, Cameron is witnessing the capture of an airplane, organized by the most dangerous recidivist Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom.

  1. Pearl Harbor (2001)

It is the first place of the TOP 10 best Aviation movies for families.

Rafe and Danny are the two best friends who have been dreaming of becoming pilots since childhood. During the Second World War, they are both pilots of the US Army. Rafe is sent to England, and Danny and Rafe’s lover, nurse Evelyn, are at Pearl Harbor. Soon the news comes that a friend died. Evelyn finds solace in Danny’s arms. But soon Rafe appears in Pearl Harbor alive.

TOP ends now.

Hope it helped find the answer to the question – what is the best Aviation movies?

Thank you for being with us!

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