List of best Classics movies 2018

A classic movie is both a fount of wisdom and an adviser in difficult life situations and sometimes simply a source of good humor. We have created a selection that includes the best classic pictures and compacted all of them into TOP 10 best Classics movies of 2018 to watch.

Let’s go!

List of best Classics movies 2018

  1. Irishman

Criminal drama is an excellent genre. It combines both a deep meaning for fans of “serious” cinema and an action for the viewer who prefers fighting with the shooting. The film “Irishman” is a real gift for all fans of the cinema and the prerequisites for the entry of picture in the ranks of the classics are more than serious.

The protagonist of the movie is Frank Sheeran. Sheeran was a trade union official who was convicted of links with the mafia and murders. He was not the latest criminal authority and carried out orders of his boss Jimmy Hoffa.

Hoffa himself disappeared without a trace on July 30, 1975, on that day he was last seen. Before his death, Sheeran confessed that it was he who killed Hoffa.

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in The Irishman

  1. An American Werewolf in London

The main character of the movie is an American student who, along with his friend, decided to go on a journey on foot to the colorful places of the England. But visiting one of these points, the North York Moors National Park, friends are attacked by a mysterious animal. After a bloody battle, only one of the travelers remains alive. The student gets deep wounds, but, nevertheless, thanks fate for being able to get out of this nightmare. After a while, the survivor begins to understand that the tragedy for him has not yet ended and with the coming of the full moon he has every chance to become a bloodthirsty beast himself.

  1. Mad Max: The Wasteland

Tom Hardy is in the TOP 10 best modern Classics films 2018.

Tom Hardy is in the sequel to the action adventure by George Miller. The solitary wanderer Max is entering a new battle in the expanses of the post-apocalyptic desert, where his boldness and skill for fighting for justice is still needed.

  1. Beetlejuice 2

Beetlejuice is a fantasy comedy by Tim Burton that tells about recently deceased spouses, who are forced to stay in their own house in the form of ghosts. There is a conflict between them and the new tenants. Therefore, the spouses turn to a ghost named Beetlejuice for help, which promises to frighten and drive away the tenants.

Burton wanted to shoot the continuation of the picture back in the early 1990’s – then it was assumed that Beetlejuice will go to Hawaii in the second part. But it was released only now.

Beetlejuice 2 poster

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful holiday, which is simply adored by the inhabitants of the fairytale of Whoville. Who does not love this time of the year, the time when everything is covered with fluffy snow and people exchange gifts? In fact, there is such a creature: green and furry Grinch, living on the mountain in the company of his only friend – Max – the dog. He does not like this holiday. He wants to steal it!

Benedict Cumberbatch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  1. The Story of Bonnie and Clyde

Here is the golden mean of the TOP 10 best recent Classics movies.

The film’s action develops around the reckless young couple. The main character Bonnie Parker dreamed of the becoming a star or a film actress or poetess. The male character of the criminal drama, Clyde Barrow, is a con man and loves to live luxuriously and carefree. The fate brought this couple together, in which feelings had triumphed over the mind. The life of Clyde gradually hypnotized Bonnie into the crazy whirlpool of the underworld. Preferring inconspicuous shops, they committed robberies and remained unpunished. Street gang committed more than a dozen attacks and is involved in the deaths of civilians and policemen. Love has no boundaries, even in front of the law.

Bonnie and Clyde

  1. The Legend of Conan

Having been a slave, a pirate, a thief, a mercenary and the very Cimmerian king, Conan moves away from worldly worries and spends days in remote mountainous regions. But the glorious past overtakes him here. Now, Conan is going to the last battle.

  1. Scarface

The plot of the film dates back to 1980, when a huge number of Cuban refugees cross the American border in the Mariel Harbor area, and settles in Miami. Most of them were misfits. Among them is the main character of the film – a guy named Tony Montana. Since his arrival in Miami, he worked tirelessly to achieve the so-called American dream. And now, thanks to his perseverance, he was able to get everything he could dream about. Tony became a very rich and respected person, one of the largest drug lords of the state. But how did it all start?

  1. Mary Poppins Returns

The plot unfolds during the financial crisis of the 1930s. The central characters are the English Banks family – Michael and Jane, as well as their children. The light in the cruel world of those times for the family becomes the unexpected visit of a woman who introduced herself as Mary Poppins, working as a nanny. Thanks to her efforts, the Banks regain faith in the future.

  1. Sherlock Holmes 3

Here is the number one of the TOP 10 best new Classics movies 2018.

The picture will again tell about the great Sherlock Holmes, who has long been a legend of detective work. Even new-fangled examinations on the newest equipment are inferior to the deductive method of Sherlock. This man can unerringly identify all the circumstances of the crime, the intentions of the offender and his next step. There were even rumors that he owned supernatural power, and he saw what could not be seen by a simple person. Is it true or fiction? In this film, the protagonist will investigate the murder of a famous politician. This is a serious matter that threatens the emergence of a serious conflict.

TOP comes to its conclusion.

We hope here you found – what is the best Classics movies in 2018?

Thanks for watching!

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