List of best Comedy movies 2017

Comedy is pretty much the one and only genre that allows you to fully relax and enjoy your leisure time. You can watch comedies with your girlfriend, your buddies, and even your parents. Our TOP 10 best new Comedy movies 2017 catalog is here to help you pick just the right films to check out in your free time. Ready to dive into the world of fun?

Fist Fight

Generally, it’s the students that cause problems and make all kinds of mess at the school, but in this hilarious movie, the teachers are the biggest hooligans! A regular school teacher is in quite a pickle: his colleague was just dismissed, and, for some ridiculous reason, he’s the one that everybody’s pointing fingers at. Yep, he’s the scapegoat, even though he hardly even knew the guy. Well, that doesn’t really matter for the dismissed teacher who’s now super angry and is hell-bent on “returning the favor”. He’s a big, scary black guy that comes from the ‘hood and knows how to handle situations like these. So, he challenges the poor fella to settle it like real men: in a fist fight. The “culprit” has a few tricks up his sleeve, and he’s not about to go down without a good fight.

War on Everyone

This is a story about two crooked policemen that don’t really care about protecting the law and/or the people. These vagabonds want a little bit of that good life and frame slash blackmail every single person they encounter. At first, it pays off handsomely – the fellas have enough power and authority to bully the locals and to get away with it. However, soon they come across a highly dangerous man that’s not afraid to confront them in the open field. He’s even crazier than the cops! This is by far the biggest challenge for the dynamic duo, and they’ll have to deliver their A-game if they wanna live to see another day. We recommend including this movie in the TOP 10 best recent Comedy movies list, as it’s both funny and action-packed.

Bigger Fatter Liar

A genius youngster was robbed of his idea for a great new video game, but how can he make the right folks believe him? Kevin is a brilliant boy and is great with computers; yet, he chooses to be a loafer and can’t remember when was the last time he actually did his homework. But that all changes when a big-bad executive, Mr. Wolf, steals his bright idea. That’s when Kev “hires” Becca, his best friend, and asks her to help him show the nasty dude that you don’t mess with a slacker. In order to do that, they embark on a journey all the way to Seattle. Will the two be able to stop the evil thief?

A Dog’s Purpose

A magical dog has multiple lives, and each time, he dedicates himself to helping those in need and tries to figure out his real purpose on this planet. Over the years, he meets and befriends countless owners, lives different lives and takes care of all kinds of things. Still, he can’t understand why he doesn’t pass away permanently and is searching for his true mission. A Dog’s Purpose deserves to be on the list of best Comedy movies 2017, as it’s equally hilarious and thought-provoking. The movie has a very special atmosphere that will be greatly appreciated by the fans of uplifting and motivating stories.


Veronica, a rich housewife with an affluent lifestyle, and Ashley, a striving and struggling artist, are in a life-long rivalry. Back when they were young, free and happy – in college – these ladies used to be BFFs. But, they haven’t been in contact for ages, which means they might not even be able to recognize each other. There’s a fancy party they that both arrive at, and that sets a chain of events that make the former friends insult each other with words and start a fist fight. Yes, this is a classic case of a catfight, and there’s no going back from something like this!



Back in the ’70s, this used to be a pretty popular TV show about a couple of badass cops on bikes. As for the movie, it’s the official remake, a stand-out comedy cut. Frank is a strict, strong-willed and ever-vigilant officer, while his partner, Baker, is a peaceful, friendly and oblivious lad. Together, they take it to the streets to ensure law and order prevail in Cali. Soon, a gang of thugs – car thieves – led by an ex-cop, confronts the valiant policemen, and that’s when sh*t gets real. The thing is – Frank and Baker are more than capable of taking the bad guys down. The only problem is – they have to stop fighting each other! Definitely one of the TOP 10 best Comedy movies of 2017 to watch!

Punching Henry

A “brilliant” TV producer comes up with a crazy idea: to create a show that will be focused on the life of a loser. Suddenly, he has to deal with a cast of peculiar characters that have an undeniable dynamic that dies when they are separated. A vitriolic songwriter with almost no money is his pockets surprises the folks around with his ardor and readiness to act. But, eventually, the stakes become high as the sky itself, which puts him into quite a difficult situation: he is to make a series of decision that would greatly affect the cast and everybody else in between.

Bad Kids of Crestview Academy

This is an awesome film about a bunch of students that are forced to kill time during a Sunday at the notorious Crestview Academy. There’s a girl that wants to avenge the murder of her sis, and her actions turn the already horrible day into a true nightmare. They are locked in with no means to escape, and every single student is on his/her own. The movie is thrilling, full of tension is really funny, so, if you love young adult comedies slash thrillers, make sure to put it on your TOP 10 best modern Comedy films 2017 list. You won’t be disappointed with the action – that’s for damn sure!

Everybody Loves Somebody

Clara is a successful modern-day woman with a perfect job, a killer body and a smart head on her shoulders. She’s got her life all figured out, but, when her parents invite her to their own wedding, the girl finds herself in all kinds of trouble. First of all, she falls in love with a new guy; second, she meets her old boyfriend. Will she be able to navigate through it all and find her happily ever after, or is her love life forever doomed? This is a great romantic comedy that you can watch with your partner and get a nice kick out of it. Definitely a must-watch for the young couples!

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Why would an assassin ever need a bodyguard? It sounds kinda ridiculous, right? Well, not really, especially when that killer is to testify in front of some international judges. No harm can come to him during the process, and that’s why they assign a bodyguard to keep him alive. The thing is – they are driving each other nuts. But, if the assassin wants to survive the heat and testify, he’ll have to listen to his guard and do whatever he says. That’s it, ladies and gentlemen. We really hope that we helped you figure out what is the best Comedy movies in 2017. Stay tuned for more awesome lists!

The Hitman's Bodyguard

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