List of best Fighting movies 2018

Next year will be quite fruitful for the fans of films about fighting and martial arts. As a general rule, we usually get to see awesome fistfights in the animated movies about superheroes and Japanese masters. Our list of TOP 10 best new Fighting movies 2018 is practically overwhelmed with those.

At the same time, we’ve got a couple of other worthy contestants that bring the art of beating someone up onto the big screen. Big comebacks, mighty remakes, and a whole bunch of comic-book adaptations. Get ready to rumble!

  1. Batman Ninja

The Bats is one of the mightiest DC characters to ever live. He’s a legend and is featured in countless TV series, video games, theatrical blockbusters, and everything else in between. As for Batman Ninja, it’s a brand-new animated film that will be appreciated by the true fans of the Dark Knight. The rest of us will get to enjoy awesome graphics, a gripping plot and an all-around awesome experience. Gotham is in need of a great hero, and Bruce is always one step ahead of his enemies. Not this time, though…

Batman Ninja promo

  1. The Expendables 4

This mighty series doesn’t even need an introduction. Stallone managed to create an incredibly successful franchise that’s equally loved both by the fans and the big-time critics. The second chapter was, without a doubt, the best one, and while the 3rd installment was not a 100% banger, it’s still a blood-chilling blockbuster.

Unfortunately, The Expendables 4 isn’t even officially announced yet. The reason – Sly isn’t sure he wants to be a part of a plot he’s not happy with. Same goes for Arnie. Let’s hope the fellas work out their differences with the head honchos and deliver a no-brainer next year. Of the TOP 10 best recent Fighting movies, this one’s ‘bout to be truly epic!

The Expendables Crew

  1. Shinobi

Do you remember Shinobi – the iconic video-game brought to us by Sega? Well, Hollywood is about to deliver a brand-new big-screen adaptation. This is a story about two ninja clans that have been enemies for centuries. At the same time, no feud can stand in the way of love, and when two members of the rivaling groups fall for each other, all hell breaks loose. If you love the whole Asian martial arts culture slash kick-ass/bad-ass ninjas, we bet Shinobi will become one of your favorites next year.

Shinobi anime

  1. Naruto

Welcome to the Village, home to the wittiest, most flexibleand stealthy ninja in the whole world. About 12 years ago, there was a 9-tailed Fox who laid waste to this community. Through countless losses, the locals managed to beat it and locked its demonic spirit inside the body of a pure boy – Naruto. When the boy grew up, the spirit of the ninja started to speak to him. The fans of beautifully-written anime stories with breath-taking graphics and thought-provoking plots will love this one. So, put it on the list of best Fighting 2018.

Naruto cartoon

  1. Guns Akimbo

It’s safe to say that one-of-a-kind movies like Kick-Ass or the recent Deadpool proved that we’re all sick and tired of clichés and want something truly original. With that said, Guns Akimbo is probably the biggest release in the genre next year. Adrenaline-charged, drama-packed and all kinds of awesome, this mighty mix of action and comedy will create a lot of noise in 2018. Mr. Radcliffe is all-grown-up now and is ready to be a bad-ass. We’re crossing fingers for this one!

Daniel Radcliffe Joins Deathgasm Director for Guns Akimbo

  1. Tomb Raider

Lara is a legend, a true icon among the fans of video games. She’s been around since the 90s and still looks great. We all remember the record-breaking big-screen adaptations featuring Jolie. It’s been a minute since those hit the screens, and now a brand-new remake is about to enter the scene.

The first official trailer was pretty controversial and had folks discussing Vikander and her ability to play a fearless young woman – a treasure hunter. The question at this point is: does she have the “swagg” to pull this role off or not? In any case, Tomb Raider is one of the TOP 10 best Fighting movies of 2018 to watch (yes, there will be a lot of kicking and punching there).

  1. The Boondock Saints 3

Good news, everyone: Norman, the star of the best TV series about zombies, revealed in a recent interview that the third chapter of the BS is happening. Unfortunately, he didn’t mention any dates. Back in the day, this banger was insanely popular and won over the hearts and minds of millions of fans around the world. Will the 3rd installment be just as thrilling and exciting? One thing is clear: if the production company delivers a masterpiece, Reedus will turn into a modern-day superstar. We sure as hell would like to see another epic beat-’em-up next year.

  1. Kill Bill: Vol. 3

Tarantino turned a lot of heads with his ridiculously-delicious Kill Bill. Both chapters were astonishing, no argument there. But the fans have been demanding the threequelfor a while now. Thankfully, there are some rumors about the series making a comeback soon. The plot will, allegedly, be focused on Nikki and her quest for blood. The movie industry has changed greatly over the last decade, and it’s going to take more than familiar faces to get the crowd satisfied, though. But it’s still one of the TOP 10 best modern Fighting films 2018.

  1. Thrilla in Manila

Ali and Frazier will always be legends of boxing. This documentary chronicles the 3rd and the final fight between these two. The match happened more than 40 years ago – in 1975; it’s still recognized as one of the most fascinating matches in history. Without a doubt, Thrilla in Manila will be the talk of the town in 2018; yet, it’s still not the #1 pick on our list. That’s because the next film will, hopefully, bring something new to the genre.

Thrilla in Manila match

  1. The Raid

Yep, The Raid is on top today. The Indonesians created a martial arts masterpiece back in 2012 and proved that you don’t need 100 million dollars to deliver a classic. The plot follows a rough-tough special ops unit that goes inside a tall building crowded with gangsters.

Their target is the head honcho, and they’re ready to sacrifice themselves for the Greater Good. We know that Hollywood is capable of shooting exciting and entertaining bangers, but will they be ableto truly surprise like the original did? That’s it for out what is the best Fighting movies in 2018 list, dear friends. Stay tuned!

The Raid promo

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